An opportunity to be proud being Pinoy

After the disastrous storm “Ondoy” the online world has been flooded (not with water though, thank God) with information on rescue requests, volunteer groups, means of donation, and hotline numbers. Oh how many times have we twitted, and re-twitted these sort of information? Facebook has been handy too in spreading the word of h-e-l-p. I like how Miriam Quiambao does her thing, as well as Sen. Chiz’ timely and wise choices in tweeting requests for volunteers, rescue operations, etc.

Though most importantly, I honor our dear countrymen here and abroad. Those OFW’s despite their strife working in distant lands, gave away their hearts to donate. During these times, it makes me feel even more proud being a Filipino. Hearing this wacky radio DJ while in the bus, “Ano pa’t mga Pinoy tayo kung hindi naten kakayanin ‘to at magtutulungan.” At that moment it was like something in me said in reply, “oo nga naman!”

So with this I’d say let us not be mere spectators of the wrath of the typhoon. Let it be our aim not to end the day saying only our prayers, without putting that faith in action. Are we contented with just “kawawa naman”, or “palpak kase ang gobyerno!”? This isn’t the time for finger-pointing. Nobody wants this.

Today I share this video with you to knock on your hearts, and to assure the families of victims that God is greater than the storm.

“Father You are King over the flood.. I will be still, know You are God..”

If you want to help but can’t get off your computer, try Team Internet at

team internet

Check Miriam Quiambao’s comprehensive compilation of how you can help in many, many ways.

Help our fellow country men in need – and tell me why you are proud being Pinoy 🙂



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