MBIF at SMX Convetion Center

My kid sisters got their reward for topping their class as I treated them for some book shopping at the Manila International Book Fair today at the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia. It’s their 30th-year of being the Philippines’ premier book event. This year’s theme is very catchy – “Words Without Borders”. I was expecting there’ll be more international participation, or book campaigns touching on global issues, instead it was a haven of religious literary. I think 70% of the participating publications are from the religious group like OMF Lit, Jescon (Jesuit Society, Sheperd’s Voice – of course :), Lighthouse Publications, etc). The biggest players would be National Bookstore and OMF. You can also find our locals like Vibal Publishing, Sinagtala, and a lot more.

Despite the monopoly of religious publications, I must say I liked it just the way it is because you’re really gonna get big discounts! I think since NBS is there, you really won’t miss out on your favorite fiction pages – at 20% off! My sisters were delighted to pick their favorites from National Book Store, plus that chance to watch the story-telling competition of kids their age 🙂 So cute! I thought our young generation are no longer flipping the pages of books as much as browsing the Web – but I was wrong! It’s good to know that you see the youth giving in to the benefits of being a bookworm 🙂

Here are some of our finds. You can also buy gift items there.

our treasures at the MIBF

our treasures at the MIBF

I got the Kerygma magazines at P10 each – regular price is P150 (that’s a whopping discount, isn’t it?)So come and visit the MIBF at the SMX Convention Center. Admission tickets are at P15 per kid; and P20 for adult book lovers 🙂



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4 responses to “MBIF at SMX Convetion Center

  1. Romzkee, I wanna go there too. Did you see some cookbooks? 🙂

  2. uy sayang di ako makakapunta dito…

  3. Hi Fr. Jun-G,

    Hanap nga po kita dun hehe… Jescon po ba kayo?

  4. Hello friend!

    Yes may mga cook books dun 🙂 Aside from NBS, may iba pang publications nag ca-carry ng cookbooks 🙂

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