Glorious Wednesdays: Be Connected!

This is the second time that I went tardy on posting for Glorious Wednesdays (what’s new, rom?). I am beginning to be like this lately – late for meetings, late  for an exam, late in praying, etc. But believe me, I never intend to be this way –  ever. In fact, the moment I open my eyes what runs through my head are the  various “to-do-bullets” I have in my notepad.  Really, I think that is being so  short-sighted or narrow-minded amidst all the blessings around every morning.  Thus, I end up stressed out the moment I wake up (what a way to start a day!)

I start the day “disconnected” to the power source – and that could be the reason  why I go late most all of the time. Life has been a robotic routine in which I  depend on myself to get through daily.

As Fr. Stephen Cuyos puts it:

The robot mirrors how many of us live our lives. Like the robot, we want to do things by ourselves, independent of others.  Often we rely on our strength alone. Like the robot, we forget that without being connected to the source of all power we can do nothing. True strength, true power comes from God.

Read more about Fr. Stephen’s post

Have a Happy Faith and “be connected” this Glorious Wednesday Friday 🙂


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