Holiday Giveaways for your business

Everything seems to be going well the past 2 days. I was able to pass  my Google Adwords Professional Exam (not with flying colors, mind you! hahaha), and finally found the time to work on my passport requirements. Today  also, I met with Mr. Jun Asis to discuss about the “writing for the web” workshop. Me and the international missionaries group are cooking up this much-awaited, one-of-a-kind, power-house online writing workshop. Obviously, I’m being biased here hehe…

This project is setting me on fire – so much passion I feel down in my tummy 🙂 Of course, it is not without challenges. Aside from a busy schedule, the temptation to feel proud and all is there. Everyday it is my prayer that God will teach me to be humble so that it is His name that shall be glorified. (Okay rom, it isn’t Glorious Wednesday yet).

Here is the real deal:

Anyway, the parents tasked me to do something naman for our dear laundry business. Since the Yuletide season is knocking at our doors (Septem-BER na!), I’m now searching online for prospective giveaways from Bubble n’Joy 🙂 You should plan to scout or design one too if you’re running a business.

Here are some of my crazy finds:

laundry souvenir

My best, favorite bet is this one (though my mom and dad would definitely not succumb to…)

laundry bag 3

let's go korean 🙂

Isn’t she a darling? 🙂 This will surely cheer up our loyal customers (to the surprise of mom and dad). Who says your business giveaway must be boring, generic, and looks like it deserves the trash bin? Let’s have some fun once in a while 🙂

This one though is perfect for my bathroom:

laundry bag 4


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5 responses to “Holiday Giveaways for your business

  1. jun

    nice to meet you too =)

  2. cool yung workshop… pasali naman… hehehe…

  3. Hi jun-g! 🙂

    will contact you as soon as our application/registration forms are out 🙂

  4. I’m so cheap. I have the Baclaran hamper. 😦


    Cute yung last na wooden hamper, but it’s something I would buy kung may sarili na kong house. 🙂

  5. HAHAHA! ako din frend yan ang hamper ko! 🙂

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