Glorious Wednesdays: Life doesn’t always happen the way you plan it

Yesterday was Mama Mary’s birthday. It is just right that we offer our Glorious  Wednesday for this week to this wonderful woman-saint of true obedience to God’s call.  Had she not taken upon her the Lord’s will for her life, where could we have found  the Savior Jesus Christ on earth? In honor of our Blessed Mother, I chose Sky  Ortega’s to be our featured blog this Wednesday.

Here’s a favorite excerpt of her post: Life doesn’t always happen the way you plan.

And God of all creation is really hard to understand. Haha, how He maps out your life to be in accordance to His divine will. To be able to let you see the beauty that He has created for you. Sometimes you will just find yourself in another situation and asks yourself, why you are here but ultimately realizing that it is the best place you should be at the moment. Times when you make quick decisions and even whine of the happenings in your life, God will just be there to say, “Okay whine, and then after, I will talk to you.” And that is the most amazing feeling I get. When God allows me to realize the things that He is doing in my life. But of course, I have to do my part. I have to fulfill my own plans and then allow God to turn these plans into “His” plans.

Sen. NoyNoy Aquino announces his candidacy for the presidency on Sept 9, 2009

Sen. NoyNoy Aquino announces his candidacy for the presidency on Sept 9, 2009

And truly the Lord’s plan is just perfect. Look at the news  today at 09-09-09 (September 9, 2009 – also the 40th day of Pres. Cory Aqunino’s death).  They say now is the “signs of the times”. Well, I normally do not believe in signs. What I do know hoewever, is that God has allowed it to happen – that Sen. NoyNoy Aquino will announce his decision to run for the 2010 Philippine presidency today. It wasn’t NoyNoy’s plan in the first place, but the Lord has a way of rearranging our lives according to His will.

A lack of fund for the big presidential campaign is the challenge for the only Aquino son (it’s a good thing he has Kris as his sister 🙂 ). For my part, I think this would be my way of helping his campaign. You can help him too if you believe that democracy should be a free (but not cheap) commodity for all Filipinos, regardless of your net worth.



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2 responses to “Glorious Wednesdays: Life doesn’t always happen the way you plan it

  1. thanks for visiting my site. indeed, today is a glorious wednesday: the news, the movie that i watched this morning, the activities lined up… whew… i can see the fingerprints of God all over.


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