10 Jobs I would be doing if i weren’t a SEO

I’ve been thinking of how I’m gonna be like 5 years from now (and belive me, it scares me when I think about it coz I scarcely have an idea hehe). Then I started thinking, what could be my job instead if I weren’t a SEO person today? I’ve been ever thankful to God for leading me to this IT-Marketing path for it has been instrumental in facilitating God’s blessings. I cannot exactly say it is what I LOVE TO DO IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, in fact I often get into a love-hate relationship with this job. Nonetheless, I cannot exactly think of anything else that I’d be doing if I weren’t optimizing websites.

And so I’ve come down to the decision of posting a meme:

The 10 Jobs I Would Be Doing if I Weren’t a (fill in the blanks, in my case a SEO specialist).

1. I would have been a (print) writer – mag, TV, or research writer.

2. I would have been a teacher – English or Reading, maybe… but I’d like to be an Art Teacher.. which brings me to #3.

3. I would have been an Artist – as if I can afford to be! I like oil pastels the most.

4. I would have done ministry work – maybe becoming a full-time worker for Singles For Christ could have been enticing for me… but I guess I’m too unreliable for that. hehe

5. I would have been an account executive in an ad agency – yeah the dream of working in an ad agency will forever be unfulfilled for me 😦

6. I would be pursuing socio-development work – those that go to remote barrios teaching about reproductive health or how to increase the yield for rice and stuffs. Devcom work.

7. I would have been an entrepreneur – Maybe I would have borrowed money from my parents and start my own sari-sari store hahaha… I dunno maybe I would be selling something.

8. I would have tried working for San Miguel Corp. – I was once informed I passed the screening as a sales person (I think) at SMC where my dad works. But they were to assign me in my dad’s office place in Cavite (and obviously I didn’t want to live with my parents coz I wanted to try Manila life hihi).

9. I would have been a bum, or just get myself married – though I think this is still unlikely coz no work = no boys to meet = no one to marry, anyway 🙂

10. I would have pursued grad school (advertising) – my papers were set then but I could not let a brilliant work offer to pass that time.

… so I ended up stuck in the SEO/Web world. I still find it fun, other times routinary… yet I could not think of any other job in the world that could have given me the sweet work-life balance I have now. Maybe in 5 years time, I’d still be doing this (or maybe not, I hope hehe)… Maybe by that time, I have finally convinced myself to follow my dream of publishing something (like what? printing your blog entries to give out to your friends? how creative rom…), or just do that special hobby of mine. Or maybe I should be raising kids when that time comes 🙂

PS: I’m tagging Joni, Sarj, Riz, Karen, Reah, Kelly, Bheng, Ying (so now you know who will receive my “blog book” hehe)



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2 responses to “10 Jobs I would be doing if i weren’t a SEO

  1. I like #9. Marry a rich guy na lang and be a housewife mahahahaha

    I can think of so many things, ang hirap lang isulat. hehehe. i’ll try 😉

    Isipin nlng natin, if not for SEO, hindi tayo friendships!! 🙂

  2. @Joni: Marry a rich guy na lang and be a housewife mahahahaha -> this is a CHECK! 🙂

    Isipin nlng natin, if not for SEO, hindi tayo friendships!! – trulaloo frendship!

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