the sportsfest, and some ‘in-action’ shots

The 2009 SFC Sports Fest was more than a success! It was a revelation of all sorts! Last Sunday May 24, I saw a lot of my friends emerged as marathon champs, badminton buffs, and basketball star players (ehem.. teh boyfriend) 🙂

I’m not an athletic girl. In fact my grades in P.E. look unusual for a normal kid. hehe. But last Sunday was some kind of a competition, sports challenge that I enjoyed. I love winning – and losing – and laughing all together! Sports is not my thing, but laughter is! The badminton challenge that I joined turned “kenkoy” as usual… hehe

Look here:

romzkeepomski so sporty!

romzkeepomski so sporty!

Just to share a few of my “caught-in-action” shots. Yes, these are not so good, but I love the fact I got them in live, active movement. Hehe. All are taken from a distance, so pardon the not-so-sharp edges.

looks like some NBA game

looks like some NBA game

and this too (sorry for the photo splurge, thought they look like some NBA play cards. 🙂

looks like some NBA game, too!

looks like some NBA game, too!

The Sports Fest was fun – the perfect bonding moment for the community. These are the times when you forget differences, and work as a team instead. Even the best, or holiest communities get into rifts and issues. There are no perfect groups, as there is no one perfect individual, except Him who deserves all the glory 🙂

Going back to my shots, I think I’d begin taking “in-action” subjects, like the guy above. I just hope he knows that there are more, far important things in life apart from shooting baskets.


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One response to “the sportsfest, and some ‘in-action’ shots

  1. Friend, sino pinatatamaan mo dun sa last sentence? Haha!

    You look good in sporty attire! Badminton naman tayo one of these days… hehehe

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