some drama here

I think I’m going through quarter-life crisis. I want to run away from it as much as I want to but they say it’s inevitable. This thing strikes like an expected guest I’ve finally opened up to. The rush of wanting to be on track of the rate race… the worry of a bleak future… the anxiety of making choices. Suddenly I’m starting to think of not only what I would be like, but HOW it’s gonna be like years from now. So I start evaluating my choices. I begin to identify which (or who) should be included in this stage of my life so I won’t have regrets in the future.

Sadly, when I enter this “evaluation” process, we could be hurting some people – because we need to make choices. Maybe if I were just to stop using my head I could be happier now; yet I hesitate because I might be miserable in the future.

For whatever it is, I just want you to know that it’s not, and will never be easy, letting you go… and you will always be the one who had more years… more loving years with me.


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  1. It sure won’t be easy, Romzkee, but it looks like you’ve made up your mind. Just buzz me sa ym if you need someone to talk to. Or see you soon na lang? 🙂

    Be strong, friend!

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