A Whole New Light

A Whole New Light

A Whole New Light

I am working on a Saturday morning in my new found apartment, with my trusty Sun Cellular 3G/HSDPA Modem plugged in my laptop. Living this life has always been “the dream” to me. I was planning for this for the past few months, but was not actually keen on doing it immediately (like last week). I’m sure my friends already know the story behind it.

Anyway, living the single life in your own terms is both liberating, and lonely at times. Liberating in the sense that you make your own choices in whatever. You have to trust yourself, and to have faith in God that He will take care of you. I’m budgeting my cash for bills to pay, and all the other obligations that need to be met. Given this kind of freedom goes with responsibility. I’d like to think I’m choosing to be disciplined to do my work, and to think of the consequences before I take any action. It makes you have a sense of higher accountability to yourself when things go wrong. I’ve always believed that even if it seems we don’t have any other choice in this world, the bottom line is that you cannot have anyone to blame actually – but yourself. Because choice has always been present in your hands, really.

As I’ve said, it can be lonely too. This feeling is a universal emotion, by the way – even for married people anyway. Sure I have the boyfriend around, since they just live nearby but it’s kinda anti-social having this routine: home-based seo work, alone in my apartment, munching chips with soda. I’m glad the boyfriend shared with the expense of buying the TV coz I’m starting to go crazy with all the silence here. Haha!

I’ve always lived away from home since I graduated from high school. I lived almost a year in our family home since April of 2008. It took a lot of adjustments. I thought I would never learn to live with it. That’s why I’m surprised to feel quite foreign in my own pad now. But I guess, It’ll just take some time and I’ll soon be able to adjust.

For now, I’m contemplating my next goals to take. Life should never stop without learning anything new. I’m hoping to learn more, experience more, and realize what it’s really like to finally be at peace with your self. I’m opening my doors to a whole new light.


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  1. Uncle Jim

    Hi Riane,

    Right off the bat, belated as it is, I want to congratulate you for your new digs. Given the global economic turmoil and knowing how worse it could be in the Philippines, I am truly impressed at your independence and responsibility. You are leading a first-world lifestyle in a third world country.

    In your “A Whole New Light” blog on March 21st, you mentioned “contemplating on next goals” and “learning anything new”. Have you considered higher education hija? I feel it will be a good enhancement of your qualifications to pursue a master degree. Perhaps you can check out MBA programs at AIM (that’s Asian Institute of Management not AOL Instant Messaging) or even other foreign-based institutions. You may even qualify for scholarships and grants if you look hard enough. Good luck and let me know if you need some help and direction.


    Uncle Jim

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