Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

I am writing this down not to air my grievances, or spell of what has been unfair in my life lately, and especially not to speak ill of someone who has treated you not like family (even if you are supposed to be family). I won’t write about that. Washing linens in public, sharing private sentiments, isn’t my style.

After all, the title says it all – I am too blessed to be stressed.

I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me much more than I can ever imagine. I think the secret to it all is not just hard work or the drive to succeed. It’s mostly because I think I’ve been ever thankful for everything that I have. A good job – home based at that, supportive friends, a loving boyfriend, being able to help out for the family (even if she doesn’t see it), or even just the fact of waking up alive every morning are all blessings to thank for in my life.

I will not say that I am not afraid if one day the Lord will take these all away. I also get scared of the thought. But there is more to the Lord’s wisdom than just being scared of the future. They say too much worry is a sin. I know if you are not stepping on anyone’s foot, you will be guided along the way.

Even if I have been hurt countless times by someone who should be loving me, or at least be grateful I’m not being a ‘pabigat’ in the family, I’d rather just keep my silence and take all of it in stride. Anyway, if I think about it it’s not me who’s got nothing in this life, really.

Maybe that is the reason why it’s so hard for her to see the good side of things – or the luck of not having to worry about my future because at least I tried to work out my own life. But you know, I’ve always believed that regardless of your situation in life, one cannot stop living (unless you want life to pass you by), and one should always give thanks – regardless!

So I am writing this down because I think all of us are really too blessed to be stressed in our own lives. We could be busy about a lot of things to sustain living in this planet. We could be weary of all the hassle and bustle of daily responsibilities. Add to that is the occasional occurrence of heavy problems and challenges to face. But in all these, one should not be all complaints. If life then has no purpose but to endure problems, then we better be dead. But God isn’t allowing that in your life yet, right?

Because there is so much more to relish, to learn, to experience, and to be thankful for in this life. And please, I’m not saying this because I think life has been good to me (in fact, it’s been unfair as I’ve mentioned earlier). But I choose to look at it in the positive light. Stress is only our response to the situation – airing offending grievances in public could be someone else’s pathetic way of doing it.

But not me, not ever. Revenge is to the Lord’s for those who have been treated unfairly.

And above all these, I think I am too blessed to be stressed, anyway!



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4 responses to “Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

  1. Our problems may be big but our God is bigger! Thanks for this inspiring post, friend. hehehe. miss you na. kelan ka namin makikita? 🙂

  2. Thanks Joni 🙂

    And to that one trying to post a negative comment… I’m sorry my blog is moderated!

    Hahahaha! am not stupid 🙂

  3. Next week frend 🙂

    When everything is settled well.


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