Thoughts on Pre-marriage

I’m thinking of launching a pre-marriage project – a blog site (or maybe a page within this little bloggie site of mine), focusing on the journey prior to a wedding, or marriage. I truly believe, one has to make preparations not just for a wedding-of-the-year thing, but more on the marriage itself – you know what happens after the ceremony and merry-making.

Here goes a title recommended to me by an OMF Literature Staff (or editor, I’m not sure)

A Preparation Manual for Couples by H.Norman Wright

A Preparation Manual for Couples by H.Norman Wright

Right now, I’m still officially single – and I want to make the most out of it. I’d like to know the life mission I will pursue. Of course, one of that is raising a God-centered family. I’d like to raise kids who will be an asset in their own generation. Most important of all, I’m thinking of the kind of passion that I will dedicate my life to, aside from motherhood and family-raising (which are definitely full-time, unending missions in life).

What would be that one thing that I can say I have made a mark in this world. Much to the influence of the late Master Rapper Francis M, who is not only a husband and a father to 8 kids, but also a legendary music icon of the Philippines. Truly, Cancer is a cruel disease.

I think this journey before marriage is about self-realization – what you want to be in the years to come, along with the family that you will build. It’s an evaluation of where you wish to be headed, and what kind of contribution you want to impart in this world.

However, I think once you commit yourself to family-raising, there isn’t a more important passion to look forward to. I often hear successful women say, that it isn’t their career that’s most legendary of all their contributions in this world – it’s their kids who have turned out much better than they are, and are productive citizens in their lifetime. That’s really inspiring. I bet one is with her own family, it will no longer be about you all the time… but more about your children, your family as a whole. What would make them the best that they can be.


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