re-learning a lesson

You know during certain stressful times, you begin to think of what life is trying to teach you. I had an insightful talk with a very dear friend of mine, she told me you know you’re just being taught of what “patience” means. I told her, but patience isn’t anything new. We all know we need it in order to endure.

So let me conclude that in our experiences, we do not actually learn a new lesson… we just re-learn and get reminded of what we have known before. I think it’s just life reminding us once again about patience, or whatever virtue for that matter. It’s human nature to forget these things, especially when you rarely face nerve-wrecking hardships.

I can only sigh – and be patient. Hehe!

They say be careful what you wish for, coz you might get it – although in the packaging you didn’t expect. Like if you pray for patience, or understanding, or generosity… God makes unfathomable ways to help you develop these traits. You can’t expect for patience to come to you wrapped in a glittering box of red and gold, falling from the sky to your hands. You might want to check if God would be using other people, events, and situations to draw patience from you – like fine wine extracted from a vine of grapes.

Painful, but rewarding.

God makes the “wow” happen in our lives , as Bo Sanchez says it. But other people too, and yes, stressful experiences make up the backstage team that makes it possible to come up with a “wow” character of you in this stage called life.

Rehearsals of the past “basic” lessons are necessary, too.



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2 responses to “re-learning a lesson

  1. That whole be careful of what you wish for things is just another extension of God’s comedic timing. I can just imagine Him in Heaven saying, “Are you sure you want that? Are you REALLY sure you want that? …Okay.”

  2. truly, God is a comedian.. hehe!

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