And the Best Love Blog Award Goes to…

If there is a best “love blog” award, I bet it would be mine. Tehehe!

Sorry for the mush guys, but given the fact that I don’t have much people to interact with everyday (home-based seo work to blame), I am left with a blog to spill whatever I need to express.

Jan 18, 2009 was the second anniversary special of my favorite couple (yes, us!). It felt like we were being video-cammed for a TV special.

Here are some amateurish-trying-too-hard-pre nuptial photo shoots taken straight from my reliable Motorola phone. Motorola mobile units are great for picture resolution as compared to other phones, I believe.

pre-nup shoots (well, just trying to be, hehe!)

pre-nup shoots (well, just trying to be, hehe!)

Venue of the mushy anniversary special: Caleruega grounds (Tagaytay-Nasugbu) – where the church is what every bride hopes to be wed at. Ohhhh.. I so love this place! Manny loved it too he wanted to pay na the down payment for our wedding. Yihee!

Caleruega - the "dream wedding church"

Caleruega - the "dream wedding church"

I had to remind him we are not getting married in 2009, nor 2010 either. He’s just plane excited, I guess. I’m glad he had no contentions as to the venue of the (ehem..)

It was a picture perfect anniversary. We had no car going to Tagaytay. It was great since we wanted to be just strolling around with the cool breeze. And our Starbucks coffee couple experience just made it sweeter.

When you start laughing about past arguments, and silly annoying traits of one another, then you know you are truly in love with the other person. Right now, I simply have everything to hope for… because I have every reason to be hopeful 🙂



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7 responses to “And the Best Love Blog Award Goes to…

  1. OMG!!! Panalo ang post at blog na to! Sa next dinner natin, ikaw ang aawardan ng Best Love Blog! 🙂

    Naku. mag pick na kayo ng date noh. dont keep us in suspense! 🙂

  2. Best wishes to the mushiest couple alive!!!!!!

  3. gawa na ng wedding blog kasi! sweeeeet! 🙂

  4. Yown!!! Dinner presscon daw on Jan 30th?! Game ako! Basta kasalan na paguusapan! Wahaha!

  5. kamusta namaaan!!!! Panalo blog mo sis…hehehehe… SO happy for you… 🙂 But Manny need to work hard para sa maset nyo wedding date nyo na no…. Manny should have more money para mas masaya…hahahahahahahahaha!

    mishu sis… 🙂

  6. abiwitch

    oh……..roms wala ng kwestyon – sa yo ang best love blog award (beating reah & josh’s! by a mushy 1%) =))

    wala na bang sarj – ruben?
    or beng-ivan?

    reminiscing 😉

  7. Hello Epac Friends!

    Wala pang date. Hehe! Thanks for all your kind comments! I miss manila life. Magkita kita naman tayo! (Pls. wag short notice.. alm nyo naman nasa probinsya ako!) hehehehe!

    Mishu all!

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