The cons of being home based.

So this is the little sad part of doing a home-based job.

I can’t see my Manila-based friends anytime. Can’t attend short notice dinner dates.

“Of course, I’m the perfect person for the job. Only that the job isn’t perfect for me.” – note to self all the time! Can’t handle 2 full time jobs… even if I’d love to.

No Internet signal – thanks to SmartBro the Amazing Broadband! Poor customer support.

I miss the freedom of choice. The less-routine-like life.

No Starbucks here in Gen. Trias, Cavite. Poor. Me.

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One response to “The cons of being home based.

  1. Romzkee,

    Why not start a cyber coffee shop where you can have coffee with your Manila-based friends? With avatars and all.

    And when they get to visit Cavite, tell them to try the coffee from civet shit, although expensive at Php 300.00 per cup!

    Have a good year.

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