What you wanted to hear from an ex.

Last week, I had a very long girl-talk-via-YM with my good friend, Kelly girl. She noticed my YM status message – a line in Steve Martin’s novel-turned-chick flick, ShopGirl. This line resonated such a beat inside me. Feels like it’s so perfect for my love predicament:

Author’s words: Their union is a perfect mismatch that makes for long relationships.

If you know the boyfriend, you wouldn’t ask me why I loved this line. Hahaha!

The movie starred Clare Danes, and her aged lover, Mr. Ray Porter portrayed by Steve Martin, of course.

Kelly was telling me about her obsession for the movie because she was able to deeply relate to it – reminding her of an ex who once left her for ugh… “Shopgirl” (sales lady, I mean). She told me of a time when her ex, after months of splitting up, met her over dinner, and asked her for a kiss! Of course, my wise friend exclaimed, “Friends don’t kiss.” – truly a movie-like scene. Hehe! And truly she felt that she was playing a role in a movie.

That is because, Kelly’s favorite line in the movie was this:

Shopgirl: Ray, why don’t you love me?
Ray: I thought you understood.

And then after months of their breakup, Ray found Shopgirl in an art gallery, telling her…

Ray: I want you to know that I did love you…

But Shopgirl walked away – victorious!

After what my friend told me, I thought of the time when I will be ready to get married. Sure, I’d love to get there someday. It’s really not a proposal from the current that’ll seal this desire of mine. It’s more of that one thing that I wish to hear from a long, lost ex-boyfriend. Funny or silly but, aren’t we all girls wishing that somehow we heard a line or two from a past lover? Especially if you were the one left behind. Knowing that at least, once in his life, he did regret losing you.

Maybe until the time when I can hear that from him, I can absolutely say, I am ready to hop into the lifetime commitment bus.



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4 responses to “What you wanted to hear from an ex.

  1. I was told that line recently, and I walked away victorious! Does that mean I am now ready to hop onto the lifetime commitment bus?? hahaha, scary.

    Miss ya, friend

  2. mae

    last year, i saw my ex for the first time after the break-up in his brother’s house. after i left, he texted me apologizing for what he did to me (leaving me behind). and this is what i told him: “hindi ka ba dapat sa sarili mo mag-sorry kasi pinakawalan mo ang isa sa pinakamagandang bagay na nangyari sa buhay mo?” (kapal ko no? hehe!

  3. hi sis! i am glad to have dropped by in your site. i envy you that you have all the inspiration and the wits to write what is truly in your heart. as for this post which really CAUGHT my attention, all i can say is LUCKY is the guy who have you right now. and i will always be one of the living testimonies of the goodness in you. i miss you and hope you can treat me when i get back home 🙂

  4. hi sis! sure sure! magkita tayo paguwi mo, my treat 🙂 Thanks for the kind words…. I must say, BLESSED is the one you will love for a lifetime 🙂
    Ingat palagi… mwahness!

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