Holiday Events that Made My Heart Merry :)

I’ve read that micro blogging will be a significant trend in SEO by 2009. So for this post, I’m just writing little nuggets of what has transpired during my holiday break. There’s really nothing extraordinary about my holiday events. It’s just like anybody else’s. What I find special though is the fact that I’m all happy and contented with what I have in my life right now. Notice that I’ve skipped the-top-10-romela’s-wishlist-for-Christmas-blog post.

In this point in my life, I truly feel that I do not need a lot of things. Just enough to get me through the day,and to keep me and my loved ones happy. I think I am very easy to please, in contrast with what most people think. I haven’t got much Christmas presents this year. My guess is that people think I have everything already, or that I have very high expectations for a gift. The truth is yes, I am blessed with all the important (take note: important, not material) things in life… but my happiness relies on the simplest things šŸ™‚

Here are some of the little, lovely pleasures that have drawn some bliss into my heart this December:


Dad receives his Christmas present from me, and my sisters šŸ™‚

It is better to give than to receive – cliche as it sounds… but it sure is true when you see this kind of grin (dad’s) on the receiver’s face. Hehe!

Singles For Christ group at Gawad Kalinga Christmas Party

Singles For Christ group at Gawad Kalinga Christmas Party

I promised not to miss the GK Christmas Party in Cubic Side, Paranaque. I’ve been like a year away from Gawad Kalinga service, but I promised myself to bring some cheer every Christmas for the Sibol and Sagip kids. What’s special this year is that I brought along my two kid sisters so they get to be socially aware – and see the plight of our young brothers and sisters in need.

Some of the my High School Barkada

Some of the my High School Barkada

My favorite gang – my high school batch mates had a nice Christmas dinner over Marina Restaurant at the Mall of Asia. I miss these guys. We’ve been friends for like forever! They are a regular treat to my hungry social self every Yuletide. What I miss now is the ePac girls annual Christmas party. Ano na???

*The Holiday spells Romance...*

*The Holiday spells Romance...*

And of course, the holidays would mean more quality time for me and my honey šŸ™‚ It’s our third Christmas together, and still looking forward for the next ones to come. No wedding bells yet. The plan is a work in progress – if the Lord wills šŸ™‚

Christmas is a time for merry-making. Songs and decors, gifts and parties, bring the Yuletide cheer. But I think having gone through all the events and happenings the holiday demands from us all, it’s what is in the “inside” that matter more than what we see in the “outside”.

May God bless us all for a prosperous and more life-giving new year!

*Today is the eve before 2009.


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  1. hi sis! mishu din! si tupe nga hindi na nagrereply eh. san na kaya yun.

    digital pic man sis yung nag cover. ito site nila, ganda nga nung video eh I think, for something na they did on the spot. yung wedding prep and actual wedding, pinakita yun nung reception kaagad. ang bilis nila mag work. not bad.

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