My Favorite Sis-In-Law

Dealing with in-laws (future or present) is one of the challenging tasks most couples face. In fact, there are a lot of relationships and marriages that went sour due to differences between in-laws.

Not with my brother’s ex-girlfriend. She is my/our favorite sister-in-law-to-be. Our relationship is one thing I can only dream of for my relationship with my boyfriend’s family (take note: people can be kind, but not nice).

Mitzi, as we call her is really a nice girl – perfect for my obnoxious brother (hahaha!). She’s my shopping buddy. We do business together, attend Christmas bazaars, and stuffs. It’s easy to be comfortable with her as I can go on and on ranting about my latest tsismis. My mom makes sure she brings home chocolates, brownies, even garden plants with her (I swear!) when she leaves our house. Heck, we even love her more than my brother (hahaha! now that’s rude).

I’m not exactly sure what went wrong with her relationship with my brother (probably, my brother’s fault. hehe). I’m not one to pry into their private lives, either. That’s their story. But I do really feel bad about the break up. That means less time for us to see her na. Although we still have our business dealings, it’s a bit different when you know something changed. Not that our relationship will change, but the fact that she ain’t connected anymore with my bro.

I’d like to look at the brighter side of things, though. She said she treats me and my little sister as her “real sisters” because she’s the only girl in the family. Oh well, she might have lost a boyfriend, but gained a whole new family to support her.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m gonna like the new girlfriend replacement (as she informed me last night). Hay nako!

Here’s a photo of Mitzi and my younger sisters 🙂

The Favorite Sis-in-Law

Mitzi with Loren (center),and Annette (far right)


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