Freedom, at Last!

I’m finally done with all my Christmas lotion/body wash/body scrub orders! What a relief, ladies and gentlemen! This is freedom at last!

You have no idea how much I’m toiling day and night to juggle my Internet work, laundry shop management, and yes… crafting lotions, etc. Finally the Skinyum orders are over and done with! Now I can take my vacation and focus on the must-do’s this Yuletide season.

Now, I can spend my time…

1. Finishing online work – sounds dragging but at least I can get on with SEO now.

2. Doing my Christmas shopping – for the nth time, actually! Who said I can’t squeeze in some shop time 🙂

3. Getting some spa treatments – Oh yes! that long-forgotten full body massage! Must get certificates for dad, too.

4. Visiting friends – when was the last time I had dinner with Joni, Karen, Reah, Bheng, Kelly, Sarj, and Rhiz? Grabe last Christmas pa ata!

5. Bonding with the GBKADA – I miss my former officemates!

6. Updating my blog –

7. Wrapping gifts! – Love this task talaga!

8. Visiting my GK kids 🙂 – as in Gawad Kalinga

9. Having quiet time for prayer – I really do need this, especially with the plans we’re cooking up (yeah me and the boyfriend)

10. Just simply checking out the wonderful places to visit – Boracay? Cebu?

And oh, by the way, here’s a pic of one of the houses we checked out at Policarpio St. in Mandaluyong. This place is known for its bright and beautiful Christmas lights!

Ablaze with Lights! Kamusta naman ang Meralco Bill?

Ablaze with Lights! Kamusta naman ang Meralco Bill?

A very merry Christmas!



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4 responses to “Freedom, at Last!

  1. so i-set na ang reunion ng GBkada!!! 😀

    btw, the picture of the house you posted is owned by mrs. lim. i used to live in mandaluyong. sa i.lopez st. (its a street before policarpio) and mrs. lim is really wealthy kahit dati pa… :p 😀

  2. Tumataginting din ang Meralco bill nya. LOLS!

    I miss you, friend. As in. 😦

  3. Really now…. Akalain mo yun! Thanks for the information 🙂

  4. I miss you too frend grabe na noh! Like during our DWH days tayo lang ang magkasama… OP sa lahat. Haha!

    Ano ba, kelan ang Christmas dinner??? 🙂

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