PDA Little Dreamers Grand Dream Night – A Child’s Nightmare

The PDA Little Dreamers Grand Dream Night was held on the night of October 5, 2008 at the Dolphy Theater. Philip Cesar Nolasco became the first ever PDA Little Dreamer Grand winner, bagging the cash prize of one million pesos, among other perks (well like that house and lot). Amy got the second prize of 500,000 pesos, while Angelo got the third spot with a cash prize of 300,000 pesos.

Cristina together with Risie and Angelo

Cristina together with Risie and Angelo

Cristina de Leon, first one out

My cousin, Cristina de Leon was the first one to be declined from the pursuit of achieving any of the top 3 positions. As she opened her large gift box containing an MP3 player, everyone in the house went into a brief silence. It felt like as if a breeze of sadness took over the place. I’m sure her parents and the whole supportive Cristina gang felt the same way. But of course, we are very, very proud of her. If sheer talent would be the sole basis, we know she would make it to the top spots. You can’t doubt the amazing range of her voice – the young belter and the Song Princess of the Academy. Add to that is how she voices her lyrics clearly. She is really consistent with the techniques she learned inside the academy. Her mentors can attest to that. But we too, felt happy for the winners. All kids deserve to win. You can’t break their little hearts.

ABS-CBN Played with Kids’ Emotions

What we hate about the whole thing is the show per se. What on earth were they thinking when they forced the losing kiddie candidates to sing after finding out they lost and didn’t make it? Of course, that’s a big no-no to a child’s emotional state. ABS-CBN simply played with the kids’ emotions! Didn’t they seek the counsel of child psychologists to help design the show last night?

Indeed, channel 2 simply wants to earn the ratings from showcasing the drama of defeated PDA Little Dreamers!

Who cares if the child cries and couldn’t get on with his/her song, as long as ABS-CBN gets audience ratings? Tsk tsk tsk… Kapamilya pala ha!

Cristina was just teary-eyed when she sang. Being the first one out, of course the kid is still in shock, while trying to keep her composure. THE SHOW MUST GO ON, the director dictates. What a way to handle such a sensitive situation. I pity Risie and Aubrey who had to cry while singing. Who wouldn’t? Aside from the pain of losing, you have to face the agony of having to sing despite the loss.

Pre-judged Popularity Show

ABS-CBN made a circus out of the kids. Pinoy Dream Academy, being one deceiving popularity contest, rather than an authentic, pro-talent show that everyone thinks it is, earned millions of bucks from the various telecommunications companies. Indeed, results were pre-made, contestants were pre-judged as early as Wednesday last week.

How’d I know? Why would they assign the song “May Bukas Pa” for Cristina (a song dedicated for someone defeated), and “Ako ang Nagwagi” (a song of victory) for Amy? Coincidence? Come on.

Still a Happy Ending for Cavitenos

Nevertheless, it will end with a happy celebration for Cristina here in Cavite. We will be having a family gathering in less than 2 weeks, I think. Supporters from our town will be invited, as well.

One Final Message

In any competition, there’s a winner, and a loser no doubt. That’s a fact of life that everyone is actually capable of accepting. But for kids who just got defeated, it’s kind of a double kill to let them sing while their hearts are breaking. Our only message for this giant network (and any other network out to follow their footsteps), please don’t make a fool out of your child contestants. It’s highly traumatic for people at a young age to experience such a humiliation, no matter how much your host tries to put it positively on screen. Defeat is already a heart break for the kids. Channel 2 turned it into a child’s nightmare, even more.

I think it’s time for ABS CBN to rethink their values. Are you guys really, Kapamilya?

PS: A Big Thanks

From Cristina, and the whole family: We will be forever grateful to all her supporters. Thanks to our fellow Cavitenos, friends, and family.



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7 responses to “PDA Little Dreamers Grand Dream Night – A Child’s Nightmare

  1. your cousin is really talented. I watched the show friend….I still go for Cristina. Hayaan mo na. 😛 Andyan naman kayo for her. And since andyn ang talent alam ko…this is just the beginning for her.. God sees everything nman. 🙂 Cheer you up…Cheers for your lovely cousin. 🙂

  2. Thanks friend! 🙂

    I just didn’t like the way the show went… Defeated kids should not be forced to sing after the defeat.. that’s torture.


  3. emz

    hay… nanood ako kgbe.. at halatang my luto ang contest.. si amy may sala na note kagabe.. dinaan ata sa kahirapan.. tpos knina sbe sa boy and kris my nagopen door dw ky amy prang sa states..d dhil magkaibgan tau pro alm ng lhat ng nanonood c cristina pulido ang pagkanta.. and infairness d cia umiyak.. d bale nx tym sa cha 7 nlng tau ssali dun fair ang laban..at true talents ang meron sila..kahit c mma friend nagustuhan ang range ng boses ng pinsan mo. 😉

    Cavite’s Pride – Cristina 😀

  4. Thanks friendship! At sa lahat ng support from your family. It means a lot to us. Sayang di natuloy yung motorcade… nag motorcade na pala sila nung Thursday.

    Parang luto nga eh, kase yung song ni Cristina pang defeated “May Bukas Pa”… kay Amy winning song, “Ako ang Nagwagi”.. tsaka inuna ang decision before pinakanta sila ng solo nila.. well, anyway.. ganyan talaga ang buhay…

    I know her time will come…. 🙂


  5. bhoss

    well, i admired your cousin’s voice but for me the top 6 scholars are all deserving to be the grand star dreamer, juz so happen that the viewers decided that it has to be Philip..but honestly, i admired your cousin, Cristina..

  6. Yes, everyone’s deserving to win the title of the very first PDA Little Dreamer winner 🙂

    Thank you for supporting Cristina.

  7. SJ

    hi romz,

    perhaps i have seen you in one of the gala nights of the LDs if you happen to watched live there. Honestly, your cousin got a powerful voice. I like her vocal prowess.

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