PDA Blog Awards: Cristina de Leon… Vote for Talent Campaign

Hey everyone! With the upcoming PDA Little Dreamer Finals Night, after the successful awards night of the PDA Dream Academy winners… I am launching the PDA Blog Awards!

Finals night will be on October 5, 2008. Let’s all VOTE FOR TALENT! Vote for Cristina de Leon!

PDA Blog Awards: Vote for Talent Campaign!

PDA Little Dreamer Winner!

Blog and Vote for Cristina de Leon: PDA Little Dreamer Winner!

Oh yes, I’m giving away prizes for the best blog posts about Cristina de Leon! Free tickets to Star City’s Snow World!

Here are the Mechanics:

1. In 150 words minimum, blog about Cristina de Leon of the PDA Little Dreamer 2008. Tell us why you think she should win.

2. Link to http://www.pinoypassenger.com/ using the Text: PDA Little Dreamer Winner. Link again to http://www.pinoypassenger.com/ in the last part of your blog post using the text: Vote for Talent! Vote for Cristina!

3. Send me the your blog address (your blog post about Cristina) by email at pdablogawards@gmail.com

4. I will then decide the best (top 3) blog posts by October 6 (Monday)

5. Wait for my email reply to check if you were chosen (will also post the winners here in this blog). I will send your tickets for Snow World at Star City via courier by October 7 Tuesday.

  • 2nd and 3rd Price – free entrance at Star City & Snow World worth Php 160.00
  • 1st Price – free entrance at Star City & Snow World plus ride all you can worth Php 325.00

And please do vote for her via text every Gala night! Go go go Cristina!


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