Courtship in this day and age

Yeah right, I’m talking about love again! Is this blog supposed to be thrown off the trash for posting anything but nonsense? Heck I couldn’t even blog on a regular basis! Haha! You know, whenever I blog about my love life (or shopping, whichever of the two), I feel like I’ve totally stoped learning anything new. Well of course, with SEOnotes on the sides, and Pinoypassenger somewhere there, I’m left niche-less with this roaming around with romela thing. 🙂

Anyway, today I want to share with you my strife. The bf lost his cellphone (for the nth time). Sometimes I wonder if he really does this in purpose. Anyway, to make it even worse I’ve been getting terrible signal from SMART BRO (what else!) again and again!. And as you all know, we live apart. Me in Cavite, and he in Manila.

So there. No texts, no phone calls, no chats, no emails. 

Just plain hope that we still love each other despite the distance and lack of talk!

Ang drama ni Romela! But seriously, this is truly a crisis to deal with. Oh yes, while everyone is suffering from rice shortage and increased fare prices, I’m wasting energy on dwelling on our latest love affair episode. Hehe!

Now I get to wonder (obviously to drive the point of this blog post), how the process/stage of courtship has evolved in this day and age. Does anyone here has a boyfriend even without a mobile phone, or an email/YM address? I think our advanced levels of communication have given new meanings to relationships. Communcation has played such an important role that you feel lacking or worried when he or she does not text you some, “Hey sweetie, what ya doin? 🙂 ”

Truly technology has transformed the “torpe” into a hot pick-up line machine with mediated communication. Emotions can now be sent through online messages, and SMS. Thanks to smileys, and avatars. You can now talk to the girl of your pursuit until late at night – a thing most parents won’t allow if you go visit her at home at a very unforgiving hour.

I remember demanding love letters from suitors to check how well they play with grammar. Not that mine is flawless, but just to see if they can write well… i ask them to write a love letter/card for me (echusa! haha!). But I would surely feel that something is missing if the guy won’t email/text/call me. Imagine through SMS, a girl can judge if the guy is capable of conversation exchanges with limited character spaces to spare. It also somewhat gives you a clue if the guy can stand your english-lambasting-nagging texts when you’re mad at him! Hello, Joni frend! hehe!

I don’t know how long I can stand this dilemma of not being able to talk with the boyfriend. It gives him a clue now how I will definitely suck over a long distance relationship he’s been planning for us ever since he eyed Canada for immigration. Hay!


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