SMART vs Globe: Website Traffic on Google Trends

Getting the inspiration from Aaron Wall, I jumped into Google Trends to check how my former client is doing against the competitor (which I am an avid promoter – that’s Globe Philippines).

Because of the improved, and all-out information you can get from Google Trends, companies can now get an almost “full view” of what’s happening in the competitor’s backyard. From sites which your visitors have visited, the common search terms they used, and of course the regions where traffic is coming from – all these are substantial data to get you ahead of the game.

Here’s a quick view of and traffic stats on a 12 month period. Notice that there is a sharp increase in traffic from 10k to 20k visitors for smart’s website in June. What with John Loyd and Bea doing the SMART Money ad all through out the month of June. No wonder.

For this client (SMART Philippines), I must say the biggest chunk of their traffic is really driven by their expensive offline advertising. I once said how closed-minded they are for SEO. Here you see how effective their offline campaign for SMART Money. In fact, SMART wireless centers having that sort of ATM machine for SMART money can bring long lines of people inside the wireless center.

Here is a 30-day view of their traffic:

Indeed, their traffic ballooned in June 2008. Now this sort of improved version of the Google Trends tool will make you think: Google do really spy on private Analytics data. It is and has never been a secured tracking tool, anyway.



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3 responses to “SMART vs Globe: Website Traffic on Google Trends

  1. Smart user ako, pero based dun sa kinwento mo saken tungkol sa IT staff ba nila yun, nakakainis sila ha. haha!

  2. Miguel

    If you are using 3G-capable units, you might be having problem in connection like message delays or sending and call connection better set your phone to GSM mode.. not DUAL mode.
    Go to settings > network > GSM on your phone. For your info because Smart Phils. does not care to tell the public.

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