How to Catch a Live Starfish… and the Batangas Beach vacation

The long weekend this month of June proved to be a deserving ending of the summer season. Instead of competing with the back-to-school rush, my kid sisters and the whole family decided to enjoy an overnight vacation near the sea shore of Matabungkay, Batangas.

Who says the best beaches are those of Puerto Galera and Boracay? If you want something not as overrated as Bora or Puerto, head off to Batangas. Very clear waters, and white sand too (okay, not as white as Bora’s but still a wonderful sight to behold!). In fact, the water is more captivating than that of Galera’s. What I like best about the Matabungkay beaches is that they are so private and peaceful. Actually, the shore line is just a few steps away… as in the moment you open your hotel door!

We rented an aqua pedal boat for P300/hour, to explore the wide sea and to discover the luxurious private beach mansions of the Benitez, and the other rich and famous clans. Indeed, Matabungkay is still a prime option when one needs to rejuvenate by the sea waters.

Here are the picturesque shots.

We stayed at the Royale Tagaytay Beach Resort. Yup, it is exclusive only for Royale Tagaytay members (no we’re not paying their high monthly membership fees… ain’t a member! hehe!) Turns out, they need some funds for resort maintenance so they secretly open up for drive-in guests… now it’s not a secret anymore!

They have comfortable rooms, complete with shower, dining, cable TV, and ref. Sounds like writing for DWH! haha!

Okay, I’m sure you’va had enough of the beach details. Let’s proceed to the meat of the post:

How to Catch a Live Star Fish!

haha! Watch the Video:

1. Put on your goggles to check where the starfishes are.

2. Try the shallow, near-to-the-shore areas. They are mostly there by 11am until later in the afternoon.

3. When you finally see one, aim and dive!

4. Swim unto the sea bed and catch the live moving starfish!

5. Place the starfish on your palm. They tend to extend thorny somethings as a form of defense.

6. Let your mom take a video of your star treasure hunt. Jowk.



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6 responses to “How to Catch a Live Starfish… and the Batangas Beach vacation

  1. ooooh so purty! ako naman, i want a live seahorse together with the starfish. kaso is that even legal? i wish i can keep them in a tank at home. then my hammies can go swimming with them.

  2. Haha! I don’t know if it’s legal catching a sea horse, ying.. I think you can’t have them on shallow waters, dapat may scuba dive na talaga… hehe

  3. hehe we spent the long weekend sa puerto galera. so how much yung ginastos niyo sa matabungkay?

    connotation kasi ng tao sa matabungkay beach is public beach na marumi and mabato. iba na pala. or dun sa area lang ng royal tagaytay?

  4. around 3k+…. madami nang magagandang beaches. What we got isn’t the best yet pa nga. There are beach resorts there na talagang a few steps away from th e clear-watered beach.

    Last year sa Puerto din kami.

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  6. inquisitivemind

    hey guys can anyone please give me some kind of suggestions when it comes to renting a house right by the beach side or a resort up in batangas (matabungkay) has anyone actually been there? or does anyone have any suggestions on which place i could rent one from that would accomodate at least 20 people for an afordable price. A house with a few bedrooms and at least 2bathrooms, kitchen, aircondition and a veranda. I’m looking to stay for 2nights please send me any suggestions..

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