I’m Leaving the Corporate Life

Today I decided to leave corporate life.

I will miss the office jokes, 10-minute desktop laughters, and even the tsismisans.

In just 3 months, I’ve grown accustomed to the ways and habits of my officemates. They’ve been a fun group. It was almost perfect.

But there are just some things better prioritized. Why do kids have to think like adults?

Corporate life has been good to me. There is growth in this area, though it can be quite limiting especially when you wish to further your knowledge. There are times when time is more valuable than money… when you wish you had more time so you can achieve more. The best thing? No boss taking a peek at your computer screen to check if you’re working or doing Facebook! Hehe!

On Monday, I’ll officially be a home-based buddy, doing an offshore Internet Marketing job. It’s not that difficult as it sounds. I think the main challenge for me is not the work, but the boredom that the situation entails.

I haven’t drawn a list of “what-romela-can-do-once-boredom-sets-in”. Could you help me finish this list? At least a 20 run-down of bullets will do.

1. Blog (yeah like what I’m doing now)
2. Hire bloggers and earn, earn, earn!
3. Set up a halo-halo business (beat the summer heat!)
4. Curl my hair (and my sisters’ too!)
5. Go to the gym (yeah like I will! Haha!)
6. Study more SEO (c’mon cinnamon – c/o Joni)
7. Set up a food cart business – this one’s cool 
8. Freelance
9. Go to the spa
10. Schedule summer outings

I can no longer think of a way to lengthen the list. Maybe you can share some (calling my home-based friends there).

PS: Glorietta’s Mc Cafe Free Wifi Internet is cool 🙂



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5 responses to “I’m Leaving the Corporate Life

  1. welcome to the real world! hehe! 😀 you’ll get used to it….there will be times you’d get really, really bored…but cherish these times you could just stay at home and be with your family….soon, you’ll understand why God allowed you to experience such… pag bored ka na..buzz mo lang kami for the tsismisms…

  2. Riz

    11. Help Riz on her freelance rackets which she can’t manage anymore becoz she’s STILL stuck in her own corporate life.


  3. Wow, what a leap of faith! Will say a prayer for you, sis.

    (Since you’re no longer corporate, you can come and visit me at the Fort.)

  4. Haha! Nice one Riz. 🙂 You’re blessed you have so much rakets noh. Hehe! Cge pasa mo na lng saken.

  5. @Ganns: Thanks po. I’ll drop by sa the Fort one time to see you 🙂

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