The Best is Yet to Come

The family attended the annual Lent recollection at the Meralco Theater last Sunday. The topic was on hope. Hope for the future with faith in our Lord. The best lesson I learned from the talks was from Mr. Jon Escoto, President of Familia. His words echoed to my heart:

“In Jesus Christ, the best is yet to come.”

If you come to think of it, this statement is one powerful instrument to drive anyone out of depression when life strikes lightning. This is especially true for people who keep on hanging on to the past. The past that we cannot let go, thinking it was the best thing that has ever happened to us. We forget that each experience is just as good as they happen. Yes, we can keep the memories, but to hold on to them with so much grief when it has passed is no longer life-giving. To lose hope that the best has no more place in the future is indeed, hopeless.

This reflection quiets down the doubts in me. The doubt that I will be unsuccessful in my newest work venture, the apprehensions that my boyfriend and I won’t be able to overcome the scars of the past (no, I won’t blog about the ex-girlfriend encounter here), the worries that come now and then about the future are better put into the dusty shelves. Though human nature dictates that we cannot completely exhaust anxiety, to live without their destructive influence spells a richer and full-lived life.

The light does not come dimmer in the end of the tunnel. It glows even brighter when you have faith, because in Jesus Christ, the best is yet to come.



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4 responses to “The Best is Yet to Come

  1. Amen, friend! 🙂

  2. undomesticatedbunny


    Raine to.


    wordpress ka din pala

  3. undomesticatedbunny

    oi! san ka nakatira? am looking for a place. want it to be in makati. baka may alam ka. and how much rent mo.

  4. hi raine!
    I’m not staying in Makati. sa Villamor po ako nakatira hehe. But I can help you find a place, I’ll ask my friends. 🙂

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