The Right Kind of Discontentment

If I can hold a conference among the young working professionals, this would have to be my speech:

It is not wrong to aim for something better when you know that you can get it. Don’t be discouraged when people tell you that you don’t have contentment in life. A lot of those who wish to explore and capture a deeper meaning of this existence are often misunderstood to be selfish. It can hurt.

I say that there is a right kind of discontentment. That which that inspires you to grow and overcome your fears of mistakes and failures. That which that burns in your heart, you can’t almost wait for the morning to come because of blissful excitement. If this sort of discontentment empowers you to have a more meaningful goal in life, you might probably emerge as a better individual along the way.

I always believe that it’s easier to be contented, complacent. Most people mistake waiting for patience – without even knowing that precious time is being lost. There is a thin line between overrated waiting and overstaying to something that’s a limit to your potential.

It’s a pity to hear people tell you that you can’t get all that you want in life. This can be true, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try aiming to have what you’ve always wished to do. If this gives you reason to live, why not? I’d rather be against the tide if I’m at peace with myself, rather than doing what everyone does without a sense of purpose when I close my eyes at night.

Contentment is not always the key when you know you can be someone better. It is a silly excuse if it limits your growth whether in your field of expertise, or in your personal life. If money isn’t a factor, why would you refuse fulfillment?

Right now, I am hurting. There is nothing more discouraging than to hear your friends (apparently my age) to speak like as if I am incapable of contentment. To speak with such certainty that what lies ahead of me is 90 percent failure.

I challenge the young generation, we who comprise the supposedly better-skilled sector of the labor force to rise above ourselves. When did the young ever succumb so easily to the limiting norms of the economic arena?

We can be better working professionals, and better individuals. We can be a better people.

I am contemplating of quitting my managerial job position, in favor of a more peaceful and exciting home-based venture.

That’s where all the drama sprung. Hehe.



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4 responses to “The Right Kind of Discontentment

  1. Friend, I know exactly what you mean, and I feel the same way. Lagi rin akong pinagsasabihan na parang di ako nakokontento. (Haller, diba, 4 months lang ako sa dwh, lol). But hey, I’m only 24. I’m entitled to feel discontented. I agree that there is such thing as the right kind of discontentment. I think it’s the kind that compels us to move forward and to always seek for something better. That’s not a bad thing is it? 🙂

    Waa gusto ko rin ng homebased!! hehe.

  2. hay joni… it’s true we’re entitled to choose our career path naman coz we’re still “relatively” young. Without a few doubts and fears, cguro matagal na’ko nag home based.

  3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs seems to have an awfully high peak 🙂 Mararating mo rin yon noooh!

  4. Jon V.

    Hey! You’re young. If there is anytime to pursue your passion, it is now. Just think things through, ok?


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