The Showbiz Side of Search

Online reputation is like showbiz. It’s a certain kind of showbiz that’s beginning to surface in the consciousness of the web audience. Just like in offline show business news, a company’s, or a product’s online reputation is influential in defining public opinion. As much as network companies like the ever feuding ABS CBN and GMA7 implement damage control when their top talents get into unprepared pregnancy, or drug dependency, reputation online is also being managed by companies – to prevent the fall of sales. For more information about doing that, you can read some notes here on online reputation management.

I had good instincts at that point in time (around last year), when I was itching to rip off the reputation of this service I subscribed to due to its poor billing procedures. I practically lost my temper while I was speaking to their clueless customer service agent. I think I made a threat. It went something like this, “You know, I can kill your reputation online! Wait until I write and spread the bad news of your poor service!”

I was about to do it when I felt like my blog was too sweet to cater to negative-verbal bashing-statements. Today, I absolutely believe that it was a good decision. Why? Who would have thought that after some time, I’ll be the search engine marketing specialist who will be handling that company’s prime service offering!

You see, I was never a promoter of *tooooot*. But holding off my tongue did well for me. Now I won’t need to compete against myself, against my own black propaganda! Haha!


Imagine being in the talk show of Boy Abunda’s The Buzz. Sometimes, just like in showbiz, it’s better to have your lips sealed. 


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