ZTE Deal and the Apathy of the Philippine Working Class

There’s a certain apathy in the working class of the Philippines over the ZTE deal, or perhaps any other graft issue involving our leaders. It’s not like one of those feelings of complete indifference towards the future of the nation. It is not like this even if one tries to capture in a snapshot the regular passing and going of the Ayala labor force. Everyone seems to be minding his or her own business: coming out of the public utility fx or bus, and then walking towards their respective directions to the office. One might begin to wonder if these busy bodies ever cared about the ZTE Deal issue – the latest graft and corruption drama that’s been keeping the Philippines to be on the spotlight, once again.

How ironic to see the ant-like preoccupation of the working people, hurrying to attend to their jobs of the day, and earning another month’s worth of chance for the government to collect taxes (that means another chance of stealing money from the people). Yet it seems they are quite unmindful of the present political dilemma.

Or maybe not. Maybe we (I myself included) are perfectly following the exciting, yet predictable episodes of the ZTE deal. It is not like we are not aware. It can be that we don’t wish to care anymore, and would rather focus on keeping the integrity of the race.

Being part of the employed sector for almost 3 years, I honestly believe that Filipinos are diligent and has a sense of integrity. Rarely do I meet individuals who do not perform their assigned tasks (or those who refuse the dirty work and just choose what’s convenient for them – does this fit your congressman?). Rarely do I encounter such workers, because I think Filipinos value their jobs in this economically-struggling “strong” republic of Mrs. Arroyo. Just a side comment Mrs. President: I don’t think your husband loves you because once again, he has furthered your bad reputation. How inconvenient for national officials like you to be in “LQ” with your spouse.

Going back to my point, it could be that the Philippine working class is apathetic (or immune) towards political dramas like this, but it has not lost its belief in the genius of our race. The fact that we are all doing our jobs and participating in nation building, means that we care deeply for our families, for our children, for the next generation. If there is 1 thing that we should be busy about, it’s keeping the hope and integrity in the hearts of our struggling countrymen, never mind our leaders – who voted for them anyway? The non-tax payers, of course. They’re the ones easy to brainwash, while we, the taxt-payers suffer from the results of unintelligent decisions. Can we actually blame them? No. Election in this country is measured by how much grocery items you gave to the squatter’s area.

As to how long this disease of apathy will reign, I do not know. When you figure it out, maybe it’s more meaningful to finish a day’s work than to watch the government circus on national TV.



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5 responses to “ZTE Deal and the Apathy of the Philippine Working Class

  1. She’s alive! She’s alive! 😀

    I agree with you re: Mike and Gloria Arroyo’s relationship. Those two need to work out their issues; nadadamay tayong lahat sa LQ nila.

  2. What can I say? We’ve got clowns as government officials. TSSS!

    Tama. boboto na ko sa next election. Totoo na ‘to hahaha! tatakbo ba si Mar Roxas? hahahaha

    friend, miss na kita! i hope my friend didn’t give you a hard time last night. hhehehe

  3. hay our government sucks… damn politicians!


  4. jun

    With the recent developments in the political scenario and with mass actions calling for the resignation of the President, I think Mrs. Arroyo should be thinking now of new strategies just to be in the position up to 2010.

    Too bad for our little president….

  5. Tarsier

    What we need is patience. Even the Vatican, they spend years and decades to declare somebody as a saint. They want to make sure they don’t make mistakes. Once they make mistake, it can no longer be undone. They cannot recall their wrong pronouncement.

    In the case of Jun Lozada, how do we know he is telling the truth? He has no evidence, except his verbal testimony. He has admitted he is also corrupt and immoral, having a kabit and 3 kids. Why would we invest our whole selves to him when we need time to verify how true his statements are. We will be naive if we just jump from the prying fan into fire without second look or blink of an eye.

    Let us be vigilant and be patient. The investigation is not yet over. So why make judgment now.

    We don’t have to rush. There will still be life even if we don’t bite the bait of Jun Lozada now. Nobody knows if he is only being used by somebody who has vested interest or out of vingeance.

    Let us not be overcome by emotion. Instead, let our intelligence do the right thing.

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