Ahh… the single life!

I’m officially living the single, independent life.

January one, the first day of the year – my first night in my own place… well not exactly hehe! I’m renting a spacious room in an apartment-type of house. But most of the time I’m just up in my own hub wasting time. The experience was exciting at first. My ever-supportive-shopping-buddy mom gave me every go signal to buy stuffs for my room. Good thing SM came out with their year-ender sale when I bought things. It did give me a great deal.


That’s my TV, carpet, and huggable throw pillows c/o Our Home at SM 🙂

I love to be finally living on my own. Despite the hardship of scrubbing the floor (because my boyfriend just realized he’s spoiling me with all the house repairs and cleaning he’s been doing these past few days), the idea of being independent and fending for my own self thrills me. You see, I’ve never had my own room. Even if I got out of the house early when I entered college, I always shared a room with dorm mates. In our own house in Cavite, I have 2 kid sisters to play with in the bedroom. But right now, I’m just on my own.

It’s fun to be not competing with the TV remote with anyone. It’s delightful to be sleeping any way I like, any time I want. But… there’s a certain fussiness I feel around the place. I miss talking with someone else responding… sharing how my day has been and the decisions I need to make tomorrow. Sure, my boyfriend is just 2 houses away to not be able to listen to me. But there’s a certain warmth when you share stories with your girlfriends. I’m sure you girls can relate to that.

At some level, this living-on-my-own scenario is kinda scary. Not just because of unexpected emergencies that may arise while you’re alone. But more than anything else, it’s the thought that I need to grow up and achieve a level of emotional stability. I think it takes a great deal of maturity and level-headedness in making decisions. I’d have to be able to handle my own crazy-at-times-emotions. That’s a heavier thought than not having a blouse to wear tomorrow because I failed to pick up laundry.

But let’s see how this goes. As they say, everyone needs to pass through that quarter life crisis. They key is to not think of it as a crisis, but a growing up stage. Yeah right haha! As my mom always says, there will come a point in your life when you need to tell yourself that you gotta be responsible from now on. Maybe this is it. Maybe this is what they call life-changing.

Teaser: Wait ‘till I blog about that new job coming soon! 🙂



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4 responses to “Life-changing.

  1. wow congrats rom!

    re:Teaser: Wait ‘till I blog about that new job coming soon!


  2. ycats

    congrats on your new pad and hope to hear from you soon! happy new year!

  3. Hi rom! Belated Happy Holidays!!! It’s great that you have your own place already. It’s really different when you get to manage everything including bills! Well visit my other blog…”Heartfelt Loveletters Collection”…send in yours 🙂


  4. wow! 🙂 congrats! enjoy! 😀

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