Back in the Blog… this Christmas :)

Merry Christmas everyone! So you thought I’m gonna abandon this blog, huh? Hahahaha! After 3 months of keeping my silence, I’m finally back in the blogging sphere. I can’t imagine how I (and my pakner in crime) was able to get through that difficult, exhausting, and sometimes frustrating journey of acting as SEM Leads in the company that we work in. One thing I have learned is that acquiring this leadership position isn’t a glamorous job after all. It’s simply additional work, plus tremendous pressure from the big bosses (that does not equate with compensation). I don’t know with your company but in DWH, the owner experiences absurd Alzheimer’s at times, and has a problem trusting his people. If there’s one tip I would give to job applicants to DWH, it’s learning how not to let the boss’ opinion eat you up. There will be times that people can bring your morale down, but never ever allow them to make you believe that you’re not worthy… especially when you are sure that you know what you’re doing, and you’re doing it right. Just a tip 😉

Anyway, so much for the whining. I just want to feel I’m a normal person this week. Today is our office Christmas Party, and I can’t wait ’till the clock strikes Party Time! If not for my team, and the people I work with I would have consumed all of my leave benefits and just stay absent from work hehe! People are your best motivation, agree?

There is something I observed about myself this holiday. Maybe it comes with age, but I feel lighter, happier, more blessed to be giving gifts than receiving it. I won’t be a hypocrite, of course I love receiving presents. But at the same time, there’s a certain euphoria in buying gifts, wrapping them artistically (take note), and watching the receiver open the present. Gift wrapping is therapeutic for me. The entire gift-giving experience is lovely 🙂

Among my most fulfilling activity this quarter of the year isn’t about achieving the team WIG (Wildly Important Goal) of the company. It’s the GK Christmas Party we organized for the kids.

To tell you honestly, there’s really not much in my wish list this Christmas. All I ever want to get is a laptop. I’d rather want it than an engagement ring, actually. Haha!

I’d have to end this post with one note:

The level of happiness of a person is not measured by his job position or the amount of money he earns (especially when you have limited time to go shopping, in my case). It’s defined by the quality of life that he leads, and how much he has given more than he received.


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