On the Glorietta Bomb Explosion

We were  on our way back to the office when the security guard came running ahead of us. Thinking it was some snatcher that got away, i didn’t need to panic much. But when I overheard that a bomb exploded at Glorietta 2, i felt my heart beat much faster than it should. This friend, and I got so scared, we almost run our way back to the office building. I for one, is more afraid of a stampede than an explosion. With my height, i could have been trampled over easily with a single human push. Poor me.

The Makati area is really ripe for terrorist attacks. What with the high number of population density per square meter in this place, Makati is simply a good target to spread evil. Just like what happened in the February 14 bomb explosion, people died and more got injured last Friday, October 19. What was thought to be an LPG leak (lame eh? Or was this supposed to reduce the public panic?), was actually a bomb that was planted in the Luk Yuen Restaurant, Glorietta 2 area. What I hate most about this is the fact that the explosion impacted up to the second floor of the mall where shops on kids’ toys and clothes are located. Given that the explosion happened 1:30 in the afternoon (lunch time), and at an area where the young and the mothers can be found, you cannot mistake this for another mean terrorist move.

Although I am ever thankful to God that my officemates and I decided not to eat in Glorietta, instead opt to go to Landmark that day; and that it occured October 19, and not the night before that when my boyfriend and I were strolling around exactly at Glorietta 2, it is still a big pain to find out that kids and people died out of the explosion.

I remembered when we hurried back to the office, we saw two indian/arabic-looking guys. I can’t help but think they orchestrated the explosion (okay, that may be way too much), but I did feel ill about them. Rascist me. Although I know that would be an unfair and undemocratic mentality.

There will never be a valid excuse for inflicting pain towards your brother no matter what cause you are fighting for, and no matter how fanatic you are to your religion/faith. And for us citizens who have fallen prey to the attack, I think what we must strive for (yes, no matter how difficult and kinda inconsiderate to the family of the victims), is to not levy judgement on people with a different idealogy than ours.

I remember one graffiti post from UP where the student wrote: Pasabugin ang buong Mindanao, tapos ang terrorismo! We could be in a far worse scenario if we took that seriously.



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3 responses to “On the Glorietta Bomb Explosion

  1. John Fuentes

    Its terrible to see that such actions still accure in today’s society. You’re absolutely correct, there is no valid excuse for inflicting pain among another living person. Not for religion/ faith nor because of different idealogy. No where does it state that the more blood one sheds the more one proves their point. Its terrible to watch and hear about all these acts of terrorism.

    I’m glad to see someone didn’t get hurt. I like your entry about not only what you saw but also what went through your mind. Its one thing to read an article about an event but its a different story to read the words of someone who witness the event.

  2. I’m glad that you liked my entry. I hope the investigation will shed light on the terrible event, and hopefully bring relief to the family of the victims.

  3. I was there, dammit!

    poor souls…

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