Coming Last

At this very moment, I am the only apo who hasn’t seen her lola yet.

My grandmother passed away today. She was supposed to have a heart operation ang leg amputation surgery, but she didn’t make it as she entered a coma condition… and finally surrendered herself to the Lord.

 I am the only one coming home from Manila. And I didn’t make it. She died even before I could step out of the house. My dad I guess, decided not to let me go to the hospital because he has to take charge of everything being required by the situation. Therefore I am the last to see her among her grandchildren.

What an irony it is, because I am the first grandchild.

Among my cousins, I’ve always had the feeling that I am the most loved. Why? Because no other grandchild ever experienced the love and care (and most especially, the favor) that my lola has given during her healthy, prime years. Every one in the family knows that I am my lola and my lolo’s favorite. With the younger generation of her grand kids, she couldn’t remember their names. Even my brother who is only 3 years younger than I am cannot have lola calling him without the missed pronounciation. As for me, lola perfectly knows my name, that I work in Makati and only come home on weekends. That is why she’s overwhelmed whenever we visit her on weekends. She knows that I am still single and unmarried. Basically, I am the most remembered. But I am the last to see her today.

As I got the message from my mom about her death, I was applying lip gloss as I was about to step out of the house any minute. But it just hit me. Suddenly, I couldn’t bring the thing towards my lips. There is really no point in putting time on all the other less important things in life. That the only time you waste is when you didn’t waste your time being with the people you love. And you might realize how much time was wasted, when one day, you came in last.


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  1. just wanna extend my sympathy. hope you and you’re family will be ok soon. will pray for your lola. *hugs*

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