In a Bad Mood

Today is the perfect bad day. I woke up strangely having too much things up in my head. After getting out of the bathroom, I received a text message from the boyfriend telling me I have to go to work alone. Apparently, he just woke up. I replied telling him I’d be waiting for him since I am late for the 8am shift, anyway. I waited and waited and waited… so finally I called him up only to find out he went back to bed. Grrr!

Apart from the unstable love life, I’m into another crossroad, the second one this week. I don’t like having to choose when I don’t feel like making a decision. I don’t understand why people will have the greater tendency to not believe in you regardless if you’ve done your best or not. People like me in their early twenties, is there really nothing up for us but to continuously prove ourselves?

How pathetic.


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One response to “In a Bad Mood

  1. Friend, musta na? Bad mood ka pala today di mo nakwento sa chat, hehehe. Hope ok ka na! Kita tayo soon, bonding session. 😀

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