What Makes A Good Boss (and why I couldn’t keep blogging)

It’s been forever since I last made an update. Things have been tough in the work scene. It’s a complete oddity that an online marketer cannot (wasn’t able to) post a blog entry for over a whole month. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to live.

I’ve been thinking lately though, if it is the work that prevents me from doing the things that I love to do, or simply the lack of initiative to move because I’ve lost my appetite to live outside my sphere (my job, what else?)

In any working environment, the level of stress depends greatly upon the kind of boss you are working with.

But what makes a good boss?

In my personal opinion, the good boss will always be a leader, not simply a boss who gives out the mandate. Someone involved in your processes, but gives enough breathing space for his team mates to grow and become better individuals. And yes, someone who considers all the stakeholders in a project before implementing something across the board. It’s his job not to discount anyone, regardless of a person’s position in the company, when the policy or change will greatly affect him/her.

As life it is, there is no such persona of a good boss. I guess, having been employed in 3 companies already good bosses are a rarity. They usually leave as soon as they realize there is no room for a good leader like them in the company. Businessmen would always be chained to the desire to accumulate wealth. Even if they claim that employee well-being and overall growth for the industry are important, these things would always take second priority to the one, wildly important goal of making profits. To the bosses working under the company owners, the aim is to be good in kissing ass. They wouldn’t stay if that wasn’t the practice.

As the saying goes, good workers are hard to find, but a good, efficient, humane leader is a far more scarce resource.


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One response to “What Makes A Good Boss (and why I couldn’t keep blogging)

  1. Tom

    I agree with most of what you are saying. I have been working on a website called http://www.Leadingwithkindness.com and it is amazing what smart companies are willing to do to attract and retain good bosses because they just like you know that good bosses are not easy to find.

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