Romela’s best-remembered expressions

It’s a Friday (no, this isn’t another Romela’s Friday Rant of the Week hahaha!), and I don’t feel like working at 4:50 in the afternoon! I came late today so I can’t go home by the usual time I leave the office (5pm what else?). And like an alteration in the body clock, I’m restless as an autistic child to just stand up and fly away from the corporate hub.

So I resorted to blogging hehe! But I couldn’t think of anything else to write so I’ll follow the pro-blogger advice: Make lists.

Oh yes, I’m making one. It’s about Romela’s best-remembered expressions:

1. This is (so) it! ePac girls know perfectly well that a hottie just passed along my line of vision when I scream this out hahaha!

2. I want it to be so you! – Oh! That lasting line in the movie “You’ve Got Mail” got Joni and Bheng laughing so much when I simply couldn’t recall the exact line… so I came up with my own versio.

3. There is more to life than traffic – best said when Romela is fed up with SEM work, or while waiting for Edsa’s long traffic line to move an inch, at least!

4. Lord, what have I gotten myself into? – Ahh… I usually cry out to the heavens whenever my boyfriend cannot simply understand my rhetoric. Anubi????

5. Hi Frend! – greeting of endearment to a favorite person… yeah okay, to a friend hehe!

So there you go! My most remembered expressions? What’s yours?

(Parang, “Hi! I’m Rom. What’s yours? hehehe!)

PS: I love scrapbooking. The first (and last one I made) was meant as a monthsary gift. The book still has its empty pages waiting to be filled up. This one will surely have a place in there. Thank you to everyone who made the Taste Asia Blogger’s Party ever fun and fab! šŸ˜‰




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7 responses to “Romela’s best-remembered expressions

  1. Yown naman, friend! hahaha! I didn’t know na ganito ung pic nyo.. lol! Pero talo kayo nung isa pang couple…. you know… hahaha

    Natawa ako dun sa first 2 items! “I wanted it to be soooo you”. Tsaka kulang ung nilagay mo sa first…dapat, “I thought that was it, but that wasn’t it. And now, THIS IS IT.”


  2. heheheh.. ang sweet ^_^

  3. ayun naman ang photo! hahaha
    although may nakatalo pa rin sa inyo e. si joni favorite yung couple na ‘yun hahaha

    Lord, what have I gotten myself into? — dabest haha parang sagad sa buto ang frustration

  4. waaaahhh…ang sweet nyo…hehe…ang kulet…haha! hindi ko ito alam ha…hehe..

    go romskeee… šŸ˜€ miss na kita sis… šŸ™‚

  5. wahahaha. “Lord, what have I gotten myself into?” natawa ako dito ah. parang may poot. haha. pero the best pa rin yung “This is (so) it!” mo. na-miss ko yun. haha

  6. weeehhh! This is sooo it, manny! šŸ˜‰

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