The Favorite Boyfriend

Last night, it was my boyfriend’s turn to be the bestest-most-favorite boyfriend of all time because he went with me to the ukay-ukay! Hahaha! I could not believe it myself either because guys in general don’t have the affinity to go shopping, what more to go to the ukay.

I didn’t plan to ask him to accompany me since I knew it’s gonna be a futile task. Besides I’d be a little uncomfortable having him beside me as he watches my way of shoving away dirt-laden clothes from bottom to top. But I just didn’t have anyone to go out with last night. So I passed by their house, which is just two blocks away from ours and gave him that oh-i’m-ready-to-shop-somewhere-look! haha! And it worked! I can’t believe I didn’t have to capitalize on too much persistence.

Tip: All you need is a little act of sweetness, and a lip gloss on the sides, and you’re all set! You can get your boyfriend to shop with you anywhere. Of course, you don’t have to mention that he’s gonna pay for the loot. You might also want to buy him just a little something for consolation. In my case, i didn’t have to do that since the boyfriend is not fond of ukay clothes. Good for me. haha!

When we got to the store, he managed to just take a seat (and suffer from the room’s smelly odor and the heat!). Funny that a woman approached him to ask, “Kuya, magkano po dito?”

After the expected denial of being a sales person there, he quickly drew near me and followed everywhere I go just to be spared from another humiliation. Hahaha!

I got 3 pieces of clothes for P270. I don’t think I earned much of a discount. But still I got things cheaper for fashion you wouldn’t see in the malls. They’re simply unique with a statement.

All in all, it was one hilarious and memorable night. It’s nice to do that more often 🙂




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2 responses to “The Favorite Boyfriend

  1. Rom! natawa ako. kawawa naman si manny napagkamalang tindero sa ukay. haha.

  2. hahahaha! That was the best part! haha!

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