When Good isn’t Right

Last night, I had a terrible time going home. My boyfriend was not with me because he had to attend a wedding early that day. I was supposed to be home by 7pm because the SFC gang is scheduled to attend an assembly. As predicted, I simply didn’t make it even if I left the office at 5:30. There were just too many people (and too many rain drops) to contend with. First I tried the MRT, but the unforgiving long jam-packed lines will not permit me to stay alive in a 15-minute span I bet. So I went downstairs and waited for the commuter buses. To my dismay, every bus that passed by had like 30 people standing up already. They can almost send the driver away just to get an extra seat! With no other choice left, I fell in line in the taxi terminal… It was a last resort since I don’t like cashing out much for transportation. But I simply didn’t have a choice. not to mention that the rain kept pouring down to make sure every street in Makati is wet and slippery.

People are always rushing clutching their respective plans, agenda, schedules, etc. And it seems that this behavior becomes more apparent as you age. It makes me miss those times when I was still playing working in Ortigas where I can shop, read, lounge around half of the day because work starts in the afternoon or at night. In luckier times, I can even drop by the nearby ukay-ukay, or St. Francis Square.

But now things have changed. I’ve got more responsibility bags, more things to take care of aside from my shopping list and foot spa schedules. Trade offs as they say. There are things that has to be let gone in order to yield better (or should I say, more) opportunities for you. Sometimes I ask myself, does it really have to be that way? Giving up one thing for another? It’s always a choice one has to make. The difficulty comes more pronounced especially when you have to choose between two goods. I don’t know with other people, but I have this guess that maybe we all have to resort to judging which one is appropriate for oneself at the present moment. There are just some things that may not be fit into our lives anymore that we simply have to let go of them even if they’re good. Good may not necessarily be right. So celebrate the things that are right in the present… The things that hold value in the now… because tomorrow, they can just be as good as they last.


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