Blah Meeting

I am about to meet an old friend this evening in Makati. She’s been texting me about some business that needs my ‘expertise’ (i wish i had one hehe). She’s been hesitant to tell me what exactly this monkey business is, and you bet I feel the radar of networking creeping in my sphere again hahaha!

Anyway, I was able to move her to give just a clue about it and she said her friend (a guy) is in an expansion of a health and wellness company. Oh… networking nga! hehehe! We have to meet in his office by 6:30pm.

If this indeed is networking… hay I’d probably listen out the whole time and just end things up offering my web services. Hehehe!

I mean there are so many ways to earn money. Why not invest in other things without having to talk and network? I’m sure there’ll be a lot of sources of passive income of less risks and effort too. And yeah, we’ve all heard of the people getting scammed out of networking. I can’t even differentiate which ones are safe to venture in.

Anyway, this is another blah post. Hehehe! I’ll see what happens later… another blah, you think? hehe!



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2 responses to “Blah Meeting

  1. Hanubi, networking na naman. Tsk tsk! Tigil-tigilan nyo kame! hehehe.

    O ano nangyari friend? hehe

  2. Hi Jonibells! Misyu girl! hay nakech.. edi ano pa nga ba edi networking nga ang gimik nila. Of course, they don’t wanna brand it that way because of people’s ill notion of it. I’ve seen the great money opportunity in there. But just like in any networking, or business venture in general, you’ve got to believe in the product… they’re selling this line of NU Skin products and Pharmanex. Sadly though, these ain’t part of my “needs” chain. And i don’t wanna shell out 12, 6++ cash to buy them. Hehe!

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