A Girlfriends’ Lunch Date

I was touched yesterday when a dear friend went out of her way to text me and say she read my blog and that she misses me too… It kinda sounds OA but yeah, I got teary-eyed:

“Ayan txt kita. hehe. kc kakabsa ko lng blog mo. Mis u girl. :)”

How often do we remember the people who have helped us in one way or another, to become who we are now? How often do we thank them for coming into our lives once upon a time to bring up our lowly spirits when we once fell short of self-worth? And how often do we go our way just to see and catch up on each other’s lives?

Quality time does not speak of how productive you are in that given amount of time. It is better defined of the quality of the relationship or the bond you’ve formed with the most important people in our lives. If life can no longer permit you to be with one another every single day, then it becomes a stronger must to take the time to reconnect with our loved ones and friends.

Our SMS conversation ultimately lead to this:

“Hehe. 6 mos? Plan tayo lunch out. Meet ko kayo Makati Pals. hehe”

So with that, Reah and I will be setting-up a lunch, no not those power lunch meetings we spend with our bosses. This time we’re gonna have that sweet, girly, just-like-before-chit-chat, here in Makati (sorry girls, we’re kinda all collected here hehehe!). It’s a lunch date since you, she, and the mother of all are doing the GY shift.

What: Lunch Date

When: Tentative, I need your comments for this post. Maybe we can start around 11:30?

Where: Makati. Let’s meet somewhere in Greenbelt 1, maybe.

1 rule though: Oh, we can talk about boys and life, but please, no SEO. (Hi Joni! hehe!)

So, are we up to this?

PS: Love Bum! You gotta be here! 




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14 responses to “A Girlfriends’ Lunch Date

  1. Riz

    Grr. Ang daya! So I have to leave Shaw around 11:00am if I want to get there at 11:30. Tapos, pag humaba haba yung kwentuhan, I’ll probably get back to work at around 130pm, or 2. Gud lak naman sa ken. Do I have a choice? 😛 (Dont go. haha)

    But of course i’ll be there (will try to). Count me in. Just let me know when. 🙂

  2. Count me in din!! 🙂

    Suggestion lang, para makasama si Riz, Monday nlng kse wala syang pasok nun (pwede ba un, Rizgurl?)

    Or whenever. 😀

    Yey excited na ko! Miss ko na kayong lahat! 🙂

    Sarah, Mother Reah, ung books ko dalhin nyo na rin please?? Hehehe.

  3. Well, since nagpa-sked ka, I’ll be there. Hehehe. Pwede July 4?

  4. monday..pwede…para lahat..kels wag na july 4..haha..botohan na lang..:P

  5. Onga pala. Korek… NO SEO TALK ha. hahaha! Personal lives ito. 😛

  6. Riz

    LOL. Eh pano yun kung personal life mo SEO din? ahhahaah.

    Sige. Monday. 🙂

    (Kayalang pffttt. Pagkatapos, uwi na ko?? Bitin.)

  7. will definitely be there. Si Sarj MIA yata sa mga comments. hmm. busy kay derek. i’ll inform her nalang 🙂

  8. MIA ka dyan! andito ako noh! haha. 😛 July 4 na! Para nood tayo TIYANAKS ever! hahaha. 😛 Diba Kells?:D

    Ok, Monday. Go ako dyan! Teka, di pa ata tayo nakakalabas ng weekend. Bitin naman yun pag ganon. 🙂

  9. Hindi ako pwede ng succeeding Saturday nights eh… hmm… kung Sunday night? July 1st? 🙂

  10. hehe monday na lang…hehe…lunch date…Girls sige na…who hates monday ba? Sige na…takasan nyo na work nyo…hahaha! dahil monday pa lang naman…

    Miss you all!!! Waah!

    ganda suggestion ni sarj…NOOD TIYANAK!!! weekend sundays…hiwalay pa yun sa lunch…sige naaah! =)

  11. Alam mo frend, BI ka rin ano? Hahahaha! Jowk!

    I-boycott ba ang work?! hehe!

    Pero masaya nga un.. may lunch date tapos may gimik pa tayo together.. o ano?

    Monday, this coming monday lunch date na! Yes!

  12. count me in – monday lunchdate 🙂 hihi! Yes!

  13. Riz

    yay monday mondaaayy!! (I invited Ying pala ha!!)

  14. Oist, kelan na ‘to? haha. dumaan na ang monday ah?? lol. So JULY 9 na? Treat ba ni Romzkee ung lunch? :p

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