Self Changes When You Lack Time

I miss my blog. I really do (yeah, despite the seeming rare presence of current posts). Gawd, I wish I had more time (or would force myself to give it time) to write for the romzkeepomski thing. This is no longer me anymore. For months, I’ve noticed weird changes with myself. Let me count the ways:

  • I no longer update my blog – that also includes my personal profiles on online social networks. When was the last time I checked her out, and this friend of mine too, and matetski, and my dearest room mate, and the mother of all? And of course, who can forget about Kelly?
  • I’m no longer texting/keeping in touch with people. I’ve never been a text addict, but I do email, blog-hop, and yeah text my friends and loved ones to set up a get together once in a while before. I’ve lost touch with my college buddies, high school batchmates (good thing empoy is now a declared zimmie), and former officemates. I miss Sir Jon, and Ma’m Weng, and the people who suffered due to my presence! Haha!
  • I am no longer lunching out with her, and my two favorite boys in the office. They were my former officemates and we’ve shared a lot of snacking time together… but where am I now? That’s the problem with recruiting so much of your circle in your office. You gotta figure out a way to divide your time with them (artista?) Jowk!
  • I’ve literally stopped thinking about iMatchbox. This is horrendous because stopping to think about it translates to giving up the idea of getting rich. Haha!
  • I’ve been like a quarter away from doing GK work. I swear I miss the kids and those silly, out-reach sessions you spend with them. Gawad Kalinga will always be a piece of heaven on earth.
  • Did I say I’m going to do jogging every week. Okay I conditioned myself to do it at least thrice a week. It went down to two, then to just once every Sunday morning. And now? Don’t ask me… whew!

Now, I do not know if all these are brought about by my being so addicted and enslaved by work (yuck rom!). The SEO bug can really bite big time. No, I’m not the expert that is why it’s taking so much of my life time.

I wish it has been the way before, when I can simply rob a good 10 minutes to update my blog, then snatch everyone for an hour of snack or hanging out. I remember having the luxury of going shopping during office hours! And being able to have coffee with long-time friends on a Friday night in Ortigas. Makati is so crowded, you wouldn’t actually enjoy staying up late.

Or maybe, it could just be me and my reluctance to give time. My former professor once shared that there is no such things as “lack of time”. There will always be a time for everything. You don’t say you don’t have time because you can always make time for it. And one more thing, if it ain’t money that motivates, they say that where you spend your time is where your heart is.

Note: Thank you Sarj, for commenting. That was the go signal to go blogging again 🙂



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3 responses to “Self Changes When You Lack Time

  1. Ang sipag mo kse, tama na trabaho. lol. Miss na kita friend. As in. Nagselos ako nung nakita ko na iba na kasama mo mag break. 😦

    hahaha! tibo pala e no? :p

  2. i miss you so much romz…haaayzzz. ako rin kinakain na rin ng trabaho…waah. pero tama ka…may time talaga sa lahat ng bagay…it is the how we manage it. 🙂

    at alam ko expert ka dun… 🙂

    so i expect more blog posts to come..huh? 🙂

    Labshu! miss you 🙂

  3. bruha..talagang mother of all no..hehe…kahit may ym…busy rin…so magtwitter na lang tyo..hehe..lunch meeting ha…soon..with makati pals :p

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