Can we really count our blessings?

I’ve been tagged by the pink-lovin’ Guitarchic, and my most-missed friend-slash-ex officemate, Joni.

Hmmm… so blessings… my blessings… lemme count them…

1. This job. Okay, don’t raise those eyebrows just yet. I know I’ve ranted so much about SEO and the work that stresses the funny girl in me. But hey, I have to be thankful really to the loads of work and that “drive-more-traffic” goal that pushes my stress button. It has forced me to prove that I can be responsible to handle the profession. As a trade off, I think it has helped me become better in this field. Though there’s still some hesitation to brand myself as a SEM/SEO specialist (yeah that title only appears on my outlook signature in the company email), at least I think I’m doing the job. Oh yes, people can believe in themselves too, regardless if it’s true or not. Haha!

2. My friends who really know what’s it like inside me. There are people who can be good friends in this lifetime, but there are those who will sit with you, listen to your non-sense, and still accept you as you are. I’ve stumbled so many times this year, basically repeating the same mistakes, and doing faulty decisions. But life went tolerable for me because of these special folks. I give my heartfelt thanks to Joni, Karen, Heidee, J2, Mariane, Jianne, Jeedz.

3. God’s everyday Grace. It keeps me going. No matter how crappy the yesterdays are, with God’s grace it makes me hope that today and tomorrow will be different.

4. Thank you Globe Mobile Plan, and the company that allows me to go post-paid. Voice calls really make a difference. It strengthens relationships.

5. One last… okay, it’s you. You bring so much stress, and so much gladness as well. The best gift that I ever got from you was forgiveness. Thanks, hon. 🙂

Ahhhhh blessings…. we say that one should count blessings instead of troubles. But really, can we really count them? Doesn’t it seem like they come your way everyday naman? I think the challenge is to recognize the presence of the blessing, or to set your mind positively. Who says God is the only one who can transform problems into blessings? Humans can too. Start thinking it, it’ll just follow. 🙂

Karen, Reah, Kelly, what’s on your mind? (and yes, I’m tagging you girls hehehe!)



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5 responses to “Can we really count our blessings?

  1. Friend, namimis na rin kita! huhu! Salamat, natuwa ako sa post mo! hahaha! at aba, forgiveness? Why, what happened? hay naku, di na tayo nakakapagchikahan 😦

  2. hmmm..lemme count mine hehehe. linking u up rom. tis been a while

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  4. Idj

    Hi Rom,

    Can I tag you too? 🙂 Though this isn’t as serious as your recent post.

    Hope you’ll have fun with this meme…


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