The Great Pic Discovery

I just found a picture of my boyfriend’s ex in his wallet.

It was in SM department store and he was about to pay the cashier, when he was carefully concealing from me the insides of his wallet. Too unfortunate for him I managed to peak through, and whoala! There’s the ex-gf’s pic!

I’m not one for public tantrum scandals, but I am telling you now, we had some pretty gory details because of my discovery of the wallet-size picture. And you just won’t believe every lame excuse that he gave. It insults me more that he cannot come up with a decent alibi. That he just changed wallets just recently… That he didn’t mind putting that image off the wallet, etc. It perfectly gives me the unneccessary stress!

In all fairness, and I say this with honest conviction, in its truest form I believe my boyfriend is not cheating on me – that we do not have a third party affair involved here. What I do not know (I guess I do know now), is if he isn’t cheating with his heart. You know, secretly… I am quite sure there isn’t any communication going on between him and that girl but there is the obvious possibility that he still has feelings for her. Oh, damn.

To realize that takes me into thinking, do I really hate him because he may still have some sentiments for her, or do I simply despise the fact that I cannot change the fact that it’s all in the past.

If there is one thing people in a relationship has to deal with, it is accepting the fact that we cannot ever change the past, or even control the repercussions it has brought in the present.

People fuss about the past because they feel hopeless that there isn’t anything they can do about it.

I am smart enough to embrace the history – all that past relationships that grew in number. Hehe. What’s killing me though is that the roots of the past continue to creep on his heart.

And boy, does it suck.



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8 responses to “The Great Pic Discovery

  1. Relak lang, friend. Sana maayos nyo yan. I don’t know what kind of reasoning he’ll come up with this time pero sana maayos nyo yan. Remember the “stalking / investigating” stuff I taught you! hahahaha

    Friend mamimiss kita. sana lunch pa rin tayo together.. eh… hehehehe mwahness

  2. sis!!!
    hay ewan ko ba…hindi ko alam kung pinagseselos ka lang nyan…hihihi…:D

    Pero sis… nakakaloka ang discovery mo na yan…hehe ;))

    Maayos rin yan…Pero haay….bakit kailangan ulit-ulitin ang mga bagay na nakakataas ng temper…hehe.

    Oh well…you need to understand na may mga issues tlaga si packy… alam mo nmn yun…sana thru prayers and love mo maging ok na sya at mag-grow sa relationship nyo.

    Hindi ko alam kung nakatulong ang comment ko o hindi….Hahaha! nang-iintriga lang..God bless!

    mishu! πŸ˜€

  3. I honestly believe that there are people who tend to be oblivious to essential things, in short, insensitive. πŸ˜›

    Malay mo hindi sya yung type who sort things out and have totally forgotten it was there. or he didn’t think of removing it from his wallet because he “thought” you wouldn’t mind. Dahil admittedly, may mga lalake lang talaga na mahilig mangolekta ng pictures!Hahaha. Though it doesn’t really mean anything to them. Ewan ko ba. Madami lang akong guy friends na ganyan. They realize too late na pwede pa palang pag awayan yun.

    Pero romz naman, nakalimutan mong idescribe kung ano yung reaction nya when you noticed it.Haha. Wala na dapat alibi yun, tapon agad ng pic or he’ll hand it out to you nicely without bitching….

    so…ewan ko na lang kay packy.hmm.ayusin nya buhay nya ha.

  4. anubeh….hindi ko ata kaya yan pag nangyari sa kin yan….siyaks! gusto kong marinig na ikwento mo…hehe…dapat animated..:p pero sana okay na kayo πŸ˜€

  5. Hi girls! You know it amazes me how many and how quick the responses I get whenver I blog about my lovelife hahaha! Thanks girls for always being there (offline and online) hehe!

  6. Riz

    Haha. Okay, my response is not as quick, but it’s almost always never too late. Hehe. (Basta lovelife mo ang topic gerlpren, magrereply talaga ang mga tao!!) And lookie, all comments from EPAC girls too!

    I wont bother asking kung okay na kayo kasi feeling ko okay na e. Pero yeah, you’re right. That just sucks. Seeing the ex’s pic still stored somewhere he can always see (at sa wallet pa ha na lagi nyang binubuklat!!), and knowing you cant change the past. Haynaku.

    Dapat talaga sa mga lalake sinusunog e.

  7. Dapat talaga sa mga lalake sinusunog e. —> HAHAHA!!!

    If girls burn coz of jealousy, men burn coz of their own stupidity!

  8. required

    hmm… talaga yang mga past na yan so nakaka… hehe hopefully pic naman ng girl ang nakita mo.. hehe

    all I can sensibly say is that old feelings never die… kahit tumanda ka pa, mangibang-bansa, mag-asawa, nandiyan pa rin ang old feelings, nagtatago lang yan or locked up somewhere in your heart.. if you want the old feelings to stay locked up, aba dapat gawan ng paraan.. i-dispose ang mga physical objects that will bring back the memories… dami pa ibang paraan..

    go…sunugin mo na wallet ng boips mo hehe

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