Spiderman 3 and What We All Need

Spiderman 3 reverberated what most of us need to face.

“Then you have to do the most difficult of all things – that is to forgive yourself.”

Okay, those are not the exact words but clearly that was what Peter Parker’s aunt told him when he realized how he’d done wrong.

Forgiving oneself is truly a tall order for human beings. As in any process of forgiveness, one has to admit the wrong done and get himself to sincerely repent first. And before you can ask for another chance from people, you’d have to first believe that you deserve it. That’s what’s making it difficult for people. In this cruel world, we tend to align our thinking that people get what they deserve. And if this is the mindset, it’s easy to apply it on ourselves.

However, once we get past that and confront the inevitable (that is to start forgiving ourselves), we realize that we are as capable as everyone else to be wicked. Originally thinking we could not make ourselves come to such error, the process of self-forgiveness allows one to better understand himself… and we become all the more understanding of people who fall in this lifetime.

As the movie came to a close, Spiderman went on to say that we all have a choice. We can make a choice to do what’s right, and to be the best person that we can be. And a big effort for that noble choice is to forgive the human being in you.




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2 responses to “Spiderman 3 and What We All Need

  1. wahhh! i still haven’t watched spidey!:( wala ako ka-date.hehe

  2. true 🙂 I like spiderman movies, since they aren’t much that into pure action, there are always tiny bitsy pieces of philosophical gems embedded. keep posting! 🙂

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