Easter and the Holy Week Reflection

Happy Easter everyone! Oh yes, in your left you see my two sunburnt kid sisters and Cham, the goofy cousin. They enjoyed the 2007 Eagle Ridge Easter Party in that highly elite and exclusive golf and country club. No, we’re not a member, apparently hehehe!That is why it was terribly terrific to find out this event was absolutely free and open to everyone! (yep, that includes the non-members hihihi 🙂 Children got loads of gifts and prizes,and of course, Easter eggs hehe! Not to mention the breathtaking magic show. I think that lasted for an hour, and the bubble-hawaiian dance number! It was such fun. The kids had a great time, indeed. I’d say the best things in the world still come free… like Salvation…

Holyweek was a grand family time. Swimming and food (sans the meat). But it was also a personal time for reflection. I’ve always looked forward to the Meralco Theater recollection every Palm Sunday, but this year it didn’t bring on that much impact anymore. You can charge it on the principle of diminishing returns, I guess. I’ve been seeking for days for that certain spiritual encounter. It’s like knowing that you’ve had enough of those reflective wisdom you get every Lent, and you now thirst for a novelty… that message from God that will speak directly to your soul. And with such a good God, I got that. I can’t feel any more blessed than this.

After a night of having the season marathon of Desperate Housewives, I got a glimpse of the reason why sometimes people act the way they are… that most of us cover up our faults, our sins, to save face naturally. And from that I developed a very meaningful insight about myself – that despite my own personal claim (which I secretly declare only to myself) that I am good, I am simply as human as everyone else. That my flaws and sins are no lighter than others. That all this time I have relied upon myself to change and choose what’s right, instead of acknowledging that I need God’s grace to work on me. That explains why I stumble, then feel ever so miserable rather than embracing the truth that God is a merciful and gracious father.

I’ve come to receive a related text message from Tina last night.

“It’s not what we have been that pleases God. It’s those struggles of trying to be a man/woman of God that He delights of. Not that He wants us to see in pain but He wants us to believe that we can’t do things alone – we need His grace to work on us. We not just worship in glory, but in struggles as well.”



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2 responses to “Easter and the Holy Week Reflection

  1. Joni

    Wow saya-saya nmn! hehehe.

  2. glad you had a wonderful family time during the Holy Week. 🙂 thanks for the comment on my blog.

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