It’s Time to Cry

bw04.jpgIt was supposed to be a beautiful thing. I only had high hopes for the two of us. Maybe everybody’s right all along, I’ve set my dreams too high. But I still believe that I made it with my eyes opened. I do not regret it though… to have allowed you in my life. I just never thought that we see love too differently.

And it has took us this far.

I’m out of words now. It’s time to cry.



Filed under roaming and ranting

4 responses to “It’s Time to Cry

  1. bayuleo

    nice couple 🙂

  2. sigh…lahat naman nangyayari…it happens for a reason. be strong and keep the faith… i know you have consulted God sa decision mo na yan. And si God na bahala magtanggal ng pains after. I believe that He will never fail to comfort you esp at these times. at siyempre sa kanya din. sigh… =)

  3. awww..yakap..yakap..

  4. Better now than later…cry now than prolong the affair and get hurt harder…got my point?i hope so…
    still here by your side,

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