Gawd. I hate that word. For months I’ve been keeping track of my brain clock (some call it body clock) to check the time I’m more productive in doing things. We’ve heard of the “morning person”, and the “evening person”. Sometimes I am the former (then refuses to do anything after lunch break; and sometimes I’m the latter (the good employee who gets the ball rolling by 4pm even if she knows she will get out of the office by 5, no less!) And in days when I really don’t feel like SEOing, I resort to the probability that I’m neither of the two. Pathetic.

On a another note, I’d like to share with you my observations. I’ve realized that every morning I crave for breakfast (naturally rom, you don’t eat dinner in the morning). Then my mind goes somewhat heavy, as well as my eyes. What I do in times like these is to listen to upbeat music while doing no-brainer stuffs like site maintenance, checking email, SMMs, and updates. And yeah, blog-hop! Hehe.

At the strike of 3pm, the brain now begins to seek after interest. So I get to do planning and reasearch, and writing, and on-page optimization, and blogging, etc. I feel proud when I get to email reports by the end of the day (halatang late na magtrabaho hehe!). When I have this predicament, I can get going up to 11:30 in the evening. That actually makes me more energetic the following day, though I still get that no-brainer dilemma.

When I force myself to plunge into work in the morning, I forget to take lunch, then end up tired by 2pm (wanting to sleep, as well). So to make things easier, I stick to my inherent brain clock.

But of course, most of the time I’m just plain lazy.

“When you were 22 years-old, did you ever thought of quitting work, go on travel, then return with a budding business at hand? You know, just to get you off your usual routine of filling morning coffee mugs in the office, then at night you wonder awake about where you are really. That idea recurs more often now.” – quarter life crisis.

Maybe that explains the unproductivity.



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2 responses to “Productive

  1. autistic ka lang kasi! yun ang reason… hahaha!
    sis miss you na…girl talk na kasi. hehe 😛

  2. You’re really lot a like me.My mind gets to be oxygenated when dusk time comes…can be traced back to my college days when my class starts at 5 pm and ends at 9 pm….then the energy level remains high till 2 am of the following day.And what do i do from 10 pm to 2 am? you guess it right…typing my thesis while i was pregnant with you…maybe,just maybe your brain clock had been preset even before you saw the light…..hehehe!

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