She’s All That

Sunday, 25 of March, SHE’s ALL THAT

I attended that once a year celebration of being a woman in God’s eyes. Yeah I know I fall short in that category, but hey attending it does help out from the big to the small decisions girls make everyday. It spelled out wisdom, God’s love, and of course endless sisterhood fun!

The event held a bunch of enlightening workshops (executed simultaneously). I for one, attended the Coup d’etat – a workshop about supporting our brothers in the community. I thought it very insightful for the sisters in my area of service. We have more girls stepping up as leaders in the community. What ever happened to male headship? hehehe! But that’s not to discount the ability of the male specie. It’s just that most of them need that constant pat on the back. I learned from there that women should give the brothers a chance to decide and to lead. Be their constant guide, the supportive sister, the inevitable partner in service. I believe there is wisdom in choosing to assist than to lead. It brings out the best in both individuals. On a personal note, I’ve always thought of myself to be the one ever in charge of things that I get impatient when things don’t go my way. So now, being the partner guide, stepping down a little bit to encourage and nurture someone to grow, could possible be the key to help me develop patience and genuine love for another. That’s how women are created for – to nurture and bring life in this world (literally and figuratively). It may often seem that we’re better able than our male counterparts especially in terms of organization. But that is exactly why God gave us this specific role to help see things through. The challenge now is to see things using our heart, and not just our eyes.

Men and women are like balancing stars complementing each other – for the glory of God. That’s one to remember, as well.

The Best Part: SFC Woman Defined.

What is an SFC (Singles For Christ) woman?

It’s a woman in love with God humbly serving all.

Cheers to more sisterhood bonding and praises to our most loving Creator!

PS: Pics to come tomorrow hehe! 



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4 responses to “She’s All That

  1. mom

    I found your write ups exhilirating and flattering as well.It once again proved that literary skills run in your blood…courtesy of who else, but me. hehehe. Seriously though, it was good that you learned a lot from that very brief but rich seminar you attended last Sunday, though it meant missing the fun we had when we went swimming in the afternoon.Anyway, im just too glad that you noticed how men lack initiative and they need more than pat on their back….a “push” is more apt. Yeah, that the very same thing i complain about your dad…to be the spiritual leader of our family.leading us in prayers and matters that fill us spiritually. But i have given up…only time and God can do that for me. Someday, soon i hope. On my own, i’m contented doing the search for answers in my spiritual journey.It may not be loud and obvious coz it need not be. And every step i take is a work in progress. In sum, we women could only inspire, not prod, suggest , not insists, but remain their “light” in search for truth and noble things in life. Good luck and God bless.


  2. wow mommy! nagblog ka sa blog ko hahahaha!!!

    Thanks for the insightful comment. 🙂

  3. waaah sis… inggit ako…mukha ngang dami mong natutunan…thanks for this blog… summary na rin ng seminar ito ah…gusto ko tlaga pumunta kaso alam mo na reason… haaay!

    pwede ka ng magsulat ng inspirational book para sa ating mga babae… 😛 go girl!

  4. your mommy reads your blog…coolness! kaya ingat ka sa mga pinopost mo..:p

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