Political Advertising

I’ve been screening a few electoral ads this weekend. It’s amazing how politicians change image during campaign season. You have one there dancing with matching arms raised diagonally. There’s this young politiko marching in the tune of the famous boom-tarat-tarat; another doing the cha-cha (not the charter change version) And who can miss out on this man using the very identity of the innocent pechay?!


One ad that strucked me though is that of former president Erap’s gambling pal, Chavit Singson. It was truly tastefully conceptualized and executed, I must say. Indeed, I was impressed – impressed at the able adsmen who have succesfully washed out the negative image of Mr. Singson into some mighty ‘promdi’ leader who promises to bring progress to the countryside. As we observe, ads do not deliver much about the details of their propagandas, but one thing I’m more concerned about is the power of these advertising clips to bring sweet fragrance to a politician’s image.

Do advertisers (accounts and creatives, and yes SEO Specialists!) ever feel guilty when they’d have to promote a candidate even if it goes against their conscience? What ever happened to integrity and social responsibility?

I remember in college, my thesis was about the effect of political (presidential) ads to voting behavior. Ads didn’t prove to be effective in pursuading UP seniors to vote for the endorsing candidate, but it could be a totally different story for ordinary desperate Filipinos who feel hopeless about their situation. They might actually go for that giggly-dancing politiko without much concern of their platforms, background (and ability to make things happen).

* Raul Roco, the late senator will always impress me of his true-to-his agenda ads. Too bad I wasn’t successful in unearthing the cds of his political ads in my college files.


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